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Australia and India: the Evolving Relationship in this Asia-Pacific Centur

Aun Ngo

Tue Mar 08 2011

The University of Melbourne
Theatre/Room: Frederick Wood Theatre
Building Name: Level 3, Room 307, Medical Building

Join Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Senior Editor of India’s
Hindustan Times, as he discusses the future of
Australian and Indian relations.

Pramit has spent much of the past few decades
working with international think tanks and other
organisations in the field of international foreign
policy and relations. His expertise lies in India’s
foreign and international economic policies.

He speaks and writes on a wide range of topics
and has a popular online blog Foreign Hand which
explores topics such as the relations between nuclear
armed India and nuclear armed Pakistan in a time of
terrorism, space diplomacy, uranium, and US foreign