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Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Aun Ngo

Wed May 18 2011

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival’s (HRAFF) mission is to make human rights accessible and engaging to everyone through creative media. Our vision is a vibrant human rights culture and community across Australia. To achieve both our vision and our mission, we work with and engage our audiences, sponsors & donors and the creative community to provide:

  • An annual film and arts festival;
  • A community education program; and
  • A variety of other human rights focused initiatives and projects.

HRAFF infuses its values throughout the organisation. In all facets of the business we are:

  • Fun
  • Inspirational
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Inclusive
  • Always seeking to educate.

HRAFF endeavours to:

  • Advance and encourage education, debate and awareness of human rights issues amongst the broader community through creative media.
  • Showcase and support Australian and international artists who are concerned with human rights issues.
  • Promote works by or about Australia’s indigenous communities.
  • Create a stronger, diverse and more cohesive human rights community within Australia
  • Promote businesses and organisations that use and advance human rights, fair trade and environmentally friendly policies.
  • Encourage participation and patronage from diverse and marginalised communities in Australia.
  • Provide patrons with a way to take action by connecting them to human rights organisations and campaigns.
  • Ensure the ongoing viability and sustainability of HRAFF.
  • Create a professional, reputable and high-profile organisation.