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Memmie Le Blanc

Aun Ngo

Tue Aug 09 2011

Written by Hilary Bell

Directed by Tom Gutteridge
‘The state of nature. Whatever is left when all the conventions are stripped away.’

Memmie has grown up in the forests of France, naked, alert and alone — a nine year old predator. She is captured one hot summer, coming down from the trees for a drink of water. France is in the grip of The Enlightenment — Rousseau’s idea of The Noble Savage is new and galvanising — and Memmie is a test case.

Hilary Bell’s beautiful, funny, strange and thought-provoking play brings us into contact with fundamental notions of humanity. How far do we live from our animal selves? How do we learn what is good and bad? What is love and how badly do we need it?

Union House Theatre’s production will combine a talented cast of student actors with a professional creative team (including movement director, Teresa Blake) to create acrobatic, evocative and image-soaked theatre.