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Support Services available for Norwegian students in Australia

Sumisha Naidu

Mon Aug 01 2011


Flower march in Sentrum, Oslo, on July 25, 2011 in the aftermath of the attacks. An estimated 200,000 attended the flower march. Photo: Mathias-S

SUPPORT services are available for Norwegian students in Australia to help them cope with the recent tragedies in Oslo and Utøya.

Memorial services have been held across Australia in the past fortnight as part of ANSA’s efforts to bring Norwegians here together during this difficult time.

Janne Bjornsen, Melbourne president of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) said Norwegian representatives are present in universities across Australia to talk to those who have lost family, friends, and fellow Norwegians in the July 22 bombing and shooting. Students can get in touch via the ANSA website.

“I am happy to help out Norwegian students in Melbourne and they can contact me if they need any information or if they just need someone to talk to,” Ms Bjornsen said.

ANSA Melbourne will also be arranging events for Norwegian students throughout the year for those who would like to meet and talk to fellow Norwegians face-to-face.

ANSA president Janne Bjornsen can be contacted via email or on 0450 234 674. Norwegian student priest Lena Rebekka Risness will also be available to provide support at 0421 356 501. For further information, visit