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Best flash games on the web

Myriam Robin

Mon Sep 19 2011


FOR those lucky enough to be at Melbourne University, today marks the start of two weeks of holidays. Holidays mean free time, sleep, catching up with friends, and going out. Holidays also mean mindless entertainment. This week, we bring you some of the best flash games on the web.

1) Ayiti: The Cost of Life

Ayiti means ‘Haiti’, and keeping your poor family alive for four years in the small country is the point of this game. Every season, you’re able to allocate money to education and supplies, and send your family members to work or school. Of course, education is the only way to access higher-paid jobs, but it costs money. Prioritising your spending so you make enough money to survive before the toil of dangerous and hard work sets in is a challenge, but it is fun.

2) Moonlight

Moonlight is proof that flash games can be just as beautiful and haunting as any console game. Featuring beautiful artwork by Stephanie Herrera and lovely music, this spot-the-difference game isn’t a bad way to spend half an hour.

3) Alice is Dead

This morbid point-and-click adventure game takes the cake for story-telling. A twist on the Alice-in-Wonderland classic, it’ll take you three games to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s got great music, great art direction and a compelling story. Beware though, when I started playing this late one night, I didn’t go to sleep for hours. I just had to keep playing to find out what happened.

4) Rebuild

No round-up of flash games would be complete without a zombie game, and Rebuild is a great example of the genre. Zombies have overrun your city, and all you’ve got is a little square of fortified land and a handful of survivors. Bit by bit, you need to take over areas of the city. Save the survivors, kill the zombies, reclaim the food and supplies. On easy, the game isn’t too hard to finish. On hard, it’s almost impossible, which means this game has heaps of replay value. Just be careful. It’s more addictive than it looks.

What games are you playing right now? Do share with us in the comments section below.