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5 Amusing Cups for a Better Life

Belinda Tan

Fri Oct 07 2011

yawning cookie mug

HOW many cups do you go through a day? Meld’s guest blogger Belinda Tan is back, this time with 5 cups that would solve every girl’s woe when it comes to living with a boy.

HAVE you ever lived with a boy? I have, and this is what I have to say about my experience:

Flatmate, brother, son, adopted son, sister’s son, doesn’t matter. Boys rock. Hard.

They’re undemanding, super easy to live with and pretty much hibernate in their rooms the entire winter. They hardly complain, leave the chocolates untouched and can handle two shaky-arms worth of grocery bags in one mighty fist.

But there is one thing I just don’t get about boys – what’s up with them using a million cups for the same drink?

It seems to be incomprehensible to those of the Y chromosome that cups can be used more than once within a socially and medically accepted period.

After a while, which shall henceforth be known as “from the time brother moved in”, I lose count of how many cups I started out with.

So in order to fulfill my middle-child obligations and maintain harmony, I’ve resorted to drinking out of jars, measuring cups, folded leaves, vases, my pressed-together palms, basically anything that is not perforated and doesn’t leak. You would be surprised how many items can do the same job as the unpretentious cup.

But like I said, that’s their only problem, without which they would be rock stars, astronauts or all those other people you’d want to keep in your life.

So what do you do if you don’t want to become a dish Nazi and limit them to x number of cups a day?

Here’s the solution:
Buy prettier cups and personify them so you’ll remember them as special individuals. And then get him attached.

It’s a win-win situation. Not only will you be able to have a cup attendance list with names you can call out, but it’ll also make it easier for said brother to realise his problem before you have to point it out to him (boys love that). They’re frivolous with uniformity, but can be surprisingly committed to individual cup pals.

So here are some cups I’ve found that are special enough to pass the threshold of inanimate object and into the realm of friends.

1. Yawning Face Mug

Suggested Cup Friend Name: Teenager. Nothing says teenager more than a yawning mouth with a cookie in it.

2. Drip Tease Mug

Suggested Cup Friend Name: Drippy or Spic-and-Span because being ironic is effective and fun. It’s like naming me “The Big Terrible”.

3. Stacked illusion cup

Suggested Cup Friend Name: Liar.

4. Unzipped Glass Bag Bowl/Cup

Suggested Cup Friend Name: Shapeshifter. Like I mentioned before, the uses of bowls and cups are interchangeable. Case in point.

5. Hidden Owl Tea Cup

Suggested Cup Friend Name: Life, because it really is like finding a hidden owl in your tea cup.

Until then, this is the most important thing I’ve learned from living with boys and I hope it inspires you too:

If I had a penny for every time I drank out of jars, measuring cups, my palms, vases and anything else that doesn’t leak, I’d still be drinking out of jars, measuring cups and vases because that would show support to my brother. And I would be rich.

Belinda Tan gets excited over smiley faces and creative ideas. In her spare time, she trains to be a Ninja, wonders about the genetic similarities between unicorns and rhinoceros and enjoys discovering new hiding places. She also sneezes in even numbers, doesn’t like coconuts and uses spell checker to spell rhinoceros. She also chronicles her adventures on her blog.