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Bollywood wants YOU!

Iona Salter

Fri Oct 07 2011

Bollywood Poster, Meena Kadri

Ever thought you’d like to give Shahrukh Khan or Kareena Kapoor a run for their money? Or just found yourself shimmying along to a Bollywood melody, wishing you could join one of the colourful chorus lines?

SBS is launching a four part show – Bollywood Star – to search for the next Bollywood sensation in Australia, with the winner awarded a role in Bollywood producer and director Mahesh Bhatt’s next film.

A pre-audition casting call will be held in Melbourne this Saturday, October 8 – yes, tomorrow! Anyone is welcome, and you don’t have to come prepared with your own audition piece. Applicants will be taught a short dance routine and briefly interviewed.

In most find-someone-with-talent-and-capitulate-them-to-stardom reality shows, the second round of auditions is often made to look like the first, and the casting-call for Bollywood Star is being held to find talent to send to the filmed auditions in Sydney on October 22. Considering this, if you’re lacking talent but super keen to get on TV, it could be worth “impressing” the judges with your other “entertaining qualities” (à la William Hung).

The Bollywood Star Melbourne pre-audition casting call will be held at 10:30am, Saturday October 8 at the Rosina Auditorium at Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford. For more information see SBS’s website.