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Spotted: Postcrossing

Meld Magazine

Fri Oct 07 2011


IF PostSecrets and BookCrossing had a baby, that baby would be PostCrossing.

PostCrossing is a website that allows people to write postcards and mail them to the rest of the world! Inspired by his love of for getting real mail from the postman, self-professed postcard geek Paulo Magalhães decided to connect people from across the world beyond the Internet.

It might seem confusing at first but PostCrossing is not a penpal portal, neither does it condone forwarding emails on cyberspace. Rather, the participants of simply provide their home addresses to the good people at PostCrossing who run a sending and tracking system which provides users with addresses to mail their cards to. When someone lets PostCrossing know that they’ve received a card from you, your address is then given to someone else to mail to.

Now, that’s what we call mailing it forward.