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Who do you dig on YouTube?

Hadi Ismanto

Fri Oct 21 2011


SO WE’VE all heard about Smosh, nigahiga and kevjumba. But what about Melbourne-based international YouTubers? This week, Meld reporter Hadi Ismanto features three of the best.

Youtube celebrities Kevin Wu and Ryan Higa

Smosh, nigahiga and kevjumba are some of the hottest and newest YouTube sensations coming out of the states. More than one million users subscribe to their channels, unable to resist viewing their funny and entertaining videos. These YouTube celebrities have been known for spoofing popular movies or spending way too much time discussing how girls are like m&m’s.

But what about Melbourne?

This week, Meld features three of Melbourne’s best international YouTube personalities.


Full name: John Luc
Background: Vietnamese-Chinese Australian
Video content: Asian Stereotyping (Comedy)
Subscribers (as of 6th Oct 2011): 447676

While his jokes might seem a bit harsh at times, if you’re Asian, you’ll find them pretty funny and true. Afterall, we can always use some internet comedy.


Full name: Roseanne Tang
Background: Singaporean
Video Content: Make ups (How Tos)
Subscribers (as of 6th Oct 2011): 8249

Just like painting, makeup is an art where practice makes perfect. But fret not ladies because Roseanne’s videos can be your “cheatsheet”. Watch and learn everything from how to look pretty for your first date to how to look like Kim Kardashian.


Full name: Anthony Permana Putera Jaya
Background: Indonesian
Video Content: Sneakers (Reviews)
Subscribers (as of 6th Oct 2011): Undisclosed
Total Upload Views (as of 6h Oct 2011): 21121

Sneakers are cool, but they can be really expensive. AJ reviews all of the latest sneakers to help you decide which pair you want to splash out on. Be sure to check out his videos regularly too, sometimes he has free giveaways. Oh, and you’ll love his “smell check” routine!

Do you know any other Melbourne-based international YouTube personalities that are worth checking out? Share your favourites with us in the comments section below.