Tips for new students

WHAT advice would you give to new students heading to Australia for the first time? We’re looking for story ideas as well as contributors.

Some tips we’ve heard you say so far through your tweets:

  • Talk to everyone
  • Try to make as many friends as you can during O-Week
  • Make an effort to say “hi” to people in your lectures/tutorials
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Wear deodorant and wait patiently in queues
  • Always validate your tram ticket/MyKi
  • Don’t slack (too much) on the first week of uni.
  • Pick up a local paper to stay current with Australian news
  • Work hard, buy a car and travel around the whole country – the Nullarbor, Northern Territory, Perth
  • If you’re invited to a party and asked to “bring a plate”, it means with food on it


And story ideas….

  • Student cheap eats guide. Story now in progress – help add to our list in the comments section below.
  • Where to find home food
  • Good places to buy food/groceries – Victoria Market, Woolworths, Asian groceries
  • “Coffee Crawl” – The best coffees in town
  • Backpacking in Australia
  • City landmarks – Places worth exploring – Crown, DFO, Camberwell Flea Market…
  • Transportation and the many types of Metcards that exist


Last updated Tuesday, February 20, 2012.

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  1. katherine

    The hardware societe
    Waffle On- $6.50 waffles
    Icey ice- $6.50 crepes and lunch specials
    Shanghai Village dumplings
    A1 in Brunswick- it is a Lebanese cafe which meals under $10
    Mad Mex
    and the list goes on
    Oh yeah and I suggest that students buy the Age 2011 Cheap eats for $24.95 as it has a lot of cheap eats.
    They should also buy the Entertainment book when the new edition is released, which is in the middle of the year as all the offers last a whole year.

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