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Youth consultation on Swanston St entrance

Steven Tannason

Mon Mar 05 2012


SCORE a $30 shopping voucher by telling the City of Melbourne how the Swanston St entrance should be used. Meld reporter Steven Tannason brings you the details.

A LARGE number of students live and study in the city and here’s your chance to have your say about how the space should be used.

The City of Melbourne is seeking participants for their Video Ethnography project – an exercise in community engagement to find out what people think about the entrance to Swanston St (between Flinders St and Flinders Lane to be precise).

Participants will be asked for their opinions of the space, if they like it or not and the improvement they would want to make. Each participants will be rewarded with a $30 Coles/Myer voucher for his or her time.


Participants will be required to attend a night and day session on March 16 from 9 to 10pm, and March 23 from 12 to 1pm – to capture how the space is used differently at different times of the day.

Participants will first meet at Brunettis at City Square.

Following the ethnography on Swanston St, participants will have the opportunity to prioritise the most important feedback to the Council during a follow-up meeting at Council House One. The meeting will be held on March 29.

Interested students can register here.

What is ethnography? Here’s a wiki explanation to help you understand.