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Comedy Fest: Random Musical (Review)

Sarah Lim

Fri Apr 13 2012

Random Musical

BE entertained by randomness as the Random Musical performs at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Sarah Lim brings you the highlights.

The Random Musical is not called “random” for no reason. Throughout the show, the audience laughed their way through the spontaneous dances and songs that were created by the actors.

The audience was filled with children, but judging from the boisterous laughter in the crowd, the adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids, or perhaps even more. However, the children responded eagerly too, giggling at the funny costumes and rhymes.

The moment everyone was ushered through the door, each person was handed a small piece of paper for them to write their random word of choice. These papers were all collected by the time the show was due to start, and out of all these random words, the title of the show was created – “The Duke and The Miraculous Disco”!

The show then proceeded as the actors performed the story of a gingerbread girl who was a servant to the duke. They performed eight songs – all original tunes created on the spot with lyrics which rhymed and followed the storyline.

Without a doubt, the strength of this show is the versatility of the actors. They not only performed with such skill and comedic timing, but brilliantly involved the audience throughout the story. They danced and sang wonderfully, showing off moves that captured the attention of every person seated.

The highlight of the show was one of the songs they sang which included the random words written by the audience. These words, when joined together as lyrics, resulted in the most hilarious song. Some of the words were “marine biologist”, “T-Rex”, “Cyclops”, “chocolate”, “Xbox 360”, “food” and “crikey”.

From beginning to end, the Random Musical didn’t disappoint on any note. Every child and adult left the show with big smiles on their faces, some even with prizes to boot.

No matter your age, this musical comedy is not one to miss out on. Just remember to arrive early in order to contribute your random word.

The Random Musical is showing till Sunday, April 15, at The Famous Spiegeltent at Arts Centre, Melbourne. Tickets are $18 each. To book, or for more details, visit the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.