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The great Easter chocolate haul

Carene Chong

Wed Apr 04 2012

easter eggs

GONE are the days when everyone got a plain Easter egg wrapped in coloured foil. Spoilt for choice, Carene Chong sacrifices the calorie count to bring you this year’s must-try chocolates.

You might not know this, but every year companies all over the world come up with new and delicious chocolates just in time for Easter.

Sometimes they bomb, like the chocolate bilby that was meant to replace the bunny for Aussie kids everywhere. Other times they become eagerly anticipated treats that leave you craving for more –  like the Cadbury Creme Egg in all its gooey icing and caramel-centre goodness.

Drooling yet? No? Well, here are eight other Easter chocolate varieties that will surely start your mouth watering.

1. Cadbury Egg and Spoon, $6.97

Plenty of publicity surrounded this chocolate when it was rolled out earlier this year. It’s a little pricey for a generic supermarket confectionery, but I can give you my word that it’s worth every penny. The hollow milk chocolate egg is filled with a smooth creamy mousse centre, which comes in two flavours – milky mousse or double chocolate mousse. Just one is rich enough to give you a sugar high, so do share!

2. Lindor Mini Chocolate Eggs, $5.99

Lindt is hands down one of the best chocolate makers around. Their Lindor milk chocolate eggs with the soft centre are simply to die for. The chocolate just melts in your mouth for a gooey concoction that tastes absolutely divine. The eggs range also comes in white, dark and stracciatella (Italian hazelnut).

3. Kinder Bunnies, $6.48

Kinder has always been a favourite among the little ones, but that didn’t stop 23-year-old me from shoving some into my shopping trolley. These hollow chocolate bunnies with a milk lining on the inside are sinfully delicious. The creamy milky centre is the perfect complement to the already beautifully smooth chocolate outside. Makes you feel like a kid all over again!

4. Malteser Eggs, $4

These eggs are exactly like Maltesers except instead of the full malt centre in the middle, you get bits and pieces of malt nestled among a solid milk chocolate egg. The malt pieces give the eggs a great crunch which I love. Word on the street is that there are Malteser bunnies roaming around too, but alas, my search for them has yielded nothing. Maybe next year.

5. Cadbury Caramel Bunnies, $4

These bunnies comes in a pack of two so you can share the Easter love, which is a good idea because chomping two of these down in one go would be a little too much to handle. A milk chocolate bunny shaped casing with a gooey caramel filling, this one is definitely the sweetest among my picks. Highly recommended to caramel lovers!

6. Haighs Dark Chocolate Egg, $8.95 for 100gr egg

Haighs has wielded a polished reputation on Australia’s chocolate making scene since its establishment 100 years ago. So it’s no wonder that their Easter eggs continue to satisfy chocolate lovers of all ages. Their dark chocolate egg is the best though. It has a rich cocoa taste, slightly bitter but very pleasant on the tastebuds, exactly how good dark chocolate should be. They also have chocolate fishes and bilbies for sale for those who think bunnies and eggs are too mainstream. All of Haighs eggs are on the pricier side, but you’ll find they are definitely worth the money.

7. Belfine Belgium White Chocolate Lollipop Chick, $3.95

For those who love the rich buttery taste of white chocolate, but would prefer something more gourmet, this chick is for you. Belgian chocolates have always been known as the Rolls-Royce of chocolates, and thus do not usually come cheap. But this Easter lollipop treat will put a smile on your face without burning a hole in your pocket. Win!

8. Chocolatier Toffee Chip Chocolate Eggs, $4.50

Australian chocolate manufacturer Chocolatier makes some really fancy Easter eggs infused with exotic flavours like cookies and cream, honey roasted pistachio and cranberry, and caramel fudge & biscuit, just to name a few. As a self confessed toffee addict, I reached for the toffee chip one for two reasons: 1) It’s toffee! 2)  It’s affordable at $4.95 per egg as opposed to more than $10 for the fancier flavours. This egg has a lovely crunchy texture with bits of toffee in every single bite of yummy milk chocolate. Value for money? I certainly think so!

Do you have a chocolate Easter egg you just can’t get enough of? Share with us in the comments section below!