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Helpful how-tos for everyday living

Sarah Lim

Tue Apr 24 2012

How to videos for everyday living

HOW do you make your bed properly? Do you know how to poach an egg, or fold your clothes in a snap? Sarah Lim brings you five how-to videos for everyday living.

how to tie shoe laces make bed fold t-shirt poach an egg tie

Tying my shoelaces was something I thought I knew how to do, until I discovered there was a trick to ensuring that my laces would not come undone after every few steps.

In almost everything we do, there are specific instructions for how to get it done the smart (and right) way. So without further ado, here are five how-tos to help you master those simple-as-pie, day-to-day chores.

1. How to make a bed


Tucking your bed sheets in and making a neat bed is not as simple as you think. There are in fact quite a number of things that are needed in the process – like an ironed bedspread and a flat sheet. This video also gives you hints and tips on how to ensure your bed sheets don’t come undone when you sleep in your bed at night.

2. How to fold a T-shirt


This is an ingenious method for folding your shirts faster than you thought possible. With just two swift movements, your T-shirt can be folded neatly. Folding your laundry will be much faster than you though possible. Just imagine how impressed your housemates will be when they watch you fold up your clothes in a snap!

3. How to poach an egg


While there are different techniques for poaching an egg, this video teaches you a simple and straightforward method using only three things – an egg, water and some salt. You don’t even need to purchase champagne vinegar to do it. Now you can have poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on a relaxing Saturday morning, every week.

4. How to tie a tie


Guys, if you never knew how to tie a tie for school or for special occasions, then here is your opportunity to learn how to. After all, mastering this skill will help you dress faster and smarter in the future. Ladies, you can also learn to do this so that you can adjust the tie on your special someone when you arrive for a party – and anyway, every boy loves a girl who knows how to tie a tie.

5. How to tie your shoelaces


This video teaches you the trick of looping your knot twice when you tie your shoelaces. That way, you won’t have to worry about bending down to re-tie your laces or stepping all over your shoelaces when you walk.