Bersih 3.0 Melbourne (Video)

Bersih 3.0’s solidarity gathering in Melbourne. More than a thousand Malaysians gathered in Federation Square for the April 28 rally.

Reporter: Sumisha Naidu
Videographer: Julian Tay
Speakers: Gokul Radhakrishnan, Bersih 3.0 Melbourne organiser; Hong Lim, Labor MP for Clayton; Dr Rameez Yahya, Malaysian Consul General to Melbourne; Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance; Malaysian students

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  1. alan newman

    Time for Malaysian Opposition to initiate a nationwide stricke like Bangladesh’s current 3-day general strike called by the Bangladeshi Opposition; likewise USA Gov’t shut down from Sept 30 to Oct 16 ‘13 following disputes with Republican Opposition. Please call for a general strike to demand EC ‘s revamp and clean up of electoral rolls, etc; all politicians to declare their assets, Cowgate, Skorpene and Sarawak’s Taib Mahmud to be investigated immediately – after 32 years of earth-shaking plundering to the tune of RM40-50billion, controlling all aspects of economic activities, when he was only elected to SERVE. With majority popular vote half the country will come to a standstill and bring the criminals to their knees. Alan Newman, New Zealand, ranked the highest in democracy & transparency.

  2. alan newman

    In a democratic country, Dr MM, Najib, Taib, etc would be arrested and tried for treason, undermining and destroying the Nation through: a) Apartheid & racism. b) Deception of the public with controlled media and rigged elections. c) Weakening almost all institutions of governance including the legislature, judiciary, police, ACC/MACC, the Election Commission, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers. d) Mis-management, manipulation and corruption causing losses in hundreds of billions of RM$. If convicted all stolen assets to be returned and then the Convicts executed for treason. It is appalling these people behave like heroes, saints and kings without the slightest remorse or sense of shame. MM’s sons are directors of 200 companies and drive some of the most expensive cars in the world, eg the Ferrari Enzo & the RM5.5million Bugatti Veyron…Am writing from a truly transparent and democratic country, NZ.

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