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Le Memefier App (Review)

Fiona Ren

Thu May 03 2012

meld memefier polaroid

IF you love memes and can’t get enough of them, Memefier is the app for you. Meld’s Fiona Ren has a go.

The Memefier app tracks faces and automagically adds memes to it.

With this app, you can transform your friends and yourself into Derp, Derpina and many of your other favourite memes. The app uses facial recognition technology to allow users to set a variety of memes over a person’s face. And the best part is, it’s only an installation away – free of charge! However, the app is only compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads that operate on iOS 5.

Memefier is aesthetically pleasing, utilising a basic grey theme which gives the interface a clean and neat appearance.

It’s a cinch to operate the app. To begin, simply tap on the left widget for the main menu to appear.

The app features three shooting modes. For an individual shot, tap on the ‘single meme’ mode and select the meme of your choice.

After you’ve selected your meme, simply wait for the app to detect and focus on the face of the person you want memefied. Then snap.

If you want to take a group photo, simply select ‘multiple memes’ on the main menu and follow the same procedures.

If your device of choice has a front camera, you can fire the meme canon at your own face.

We had a go at using Memefier in the Meld office, and these were some of the pictures we ended up with:

Photos are automatically saved onto an album and users can share their ‘memefied’ mugshots via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, or email, directly from the app itself.

While the app was a ton of fun, it didn’t always detect face reliably, sometimes lagging for moments too long. The developers also could’ve included the option to add captions to the photos, since words almost always take the humour of a meme to a whole new level.


Still, Memefier is great for a laugh or two with friends (or alone). And if you feel the app doesn’t have enough memes to choose from, you can purchase additional meme packs through the in-app store. The shopping cart icon on the top right of any meme selection page gets you there.

So there’s only one thing left to ask.

Y U No Download?!