FTW: Win tickets to watch Katy Perry: Part of Me

POP queen Katy Perry’s new 3D documentary hits cinemas on July 2 and we have 15 Double Passes to give away! Sarah Lim tells you more about Katy Perry: Part of Me and how you can win yourself some tickets.

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Famous for hits such as “Hot N Cold”, “California Girls” and “Firework”, the glamorous Katy Perry is giving fans a chance to get up close and personal with her (well, sort of) in the new 3D documentary-concert film, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

The Paramount Pictures film will premiere in Australian cinemas on July 2, centring around the life of the 27-year-old American singer and her path to superstardom.


Fans will get to see how a gospel singer  called Katheryn Hudson transformed herself into the flamboyant diva that is Katy Perry. There will be childhood anecedotes, as well as more personal accounts of her love life – including her marriage, and eventual divorce from British comedian Russell Brand.

Katy Perry: Part of Me will also feature performances and backstage footage of her  California Dreams Tour, as well as insights on how she created her Grammy-winning album, Teenage Dream.

Katy Perry performing in 2009. Photo: José Goulão.

We’re giving 15 lucky Meld readers double passes to watch Katy Perry: Part of Me   – in 3D!

For your chance to win,  tell us what your favourite Katy Perry song  is in the comments section below. Remember to provide your real name and email address so we can get in touch with you.

The competition closes on Monday, June 25 and is only open to those living, studying or working in Victoria. Winners will be picked in a random draw and announced via email on Monday, June 26. Passes are for the show on Monday, July 2, 2012.

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  1. shahed

    Loved her Hot n Cold and Firework.
    And from her recent ones loved “Wide awake” 😀
    Would be so awesome to see her life behind the curtains in a large scree, cheers 🙂

  2. Verena Wong

    If We Ever Meet Again
    I Kissed A Girl
    Part Of Me
    Hot ‘n’ Cold
    California Gurls
    Last Friday Night
    Wide Awake

  3. Giorgia

    My favourite Katy’s song is Hot N Cold,because with this song I’ve know my idol,my life,Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson!

  4. Joel

    My favourite song of hers is Part of me because it has an emotionalelement that can translate into her life. You can always overcome a bad situation and this song epitomizes this attitude.She is awesome cant wait to see the film.

  5. Stephanie Chin

    To be honest, my favourite Katy Perry song is “Mannequin” from her first album “One of the Boys” when she was published as “Katy Perry”. I first discovered Katy on the internet when I came across her song “Ur So Gay”. I love “Mannequin” the most because it’s raw, the lyrics are cleverly written like poetry, a story, and the melody is so catchy. I also love the acoustic version you may find floating around on the internet with just Katy’s vocals and an acoustic guitar.

    I’ve been a fan of Katy since late 2007 seeing Katy perform in Melbourne at The Prince Bandroom in 2008 before she did her Hello Katy Tour, attended her exclusive Debit Mastercard performance back in 2010, met her on Sunrise the follow day at 6am and went to both performaces of her shows in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena.

    I have attended every single Victorian performance of Katy’s and it would be AN HONOUR to win tickets to see her movie.


  6. heather cameron

    My favourite song of hers is Part of me because it has an emotionalelement that can translate into her life. You can always overcome a bad situation and this song came out when i was having a bad time with a guy and he was trying to take away everything i had but there was a part of me that he would nebver take away from me

  7. Aimee Keaveney

    Wide awake is my favourite, it means so much. Myself and I think most people could relate to this song in so many ways; we have all at one point felt like we were on cloud 9 and fell off and from a high and reality has hit us straight in the face. Katy makes us feel we are not alone, we are all human and it is normal to feel like this. She is the biggest inspiration to me and I can’t explain how much I would love to win these tickets! Thank you

  8. delaney

    FIREWORK because it is a realy insiring song and wide awake. Katy Perry is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sebastian

    Wide Awake – because it is easy to relate to, everyone’s been in the position after a fight or breakup when you know it’s the end. It’s nice to have a song that actually talks about the reality of losing a fight.

  10. Wiatt Trujillo

    My favorite song is everysong because each tells an amazing story firework was touching last Friday night was a great party I would like to come too and so on and so forth

  11. Phoebe Jewell

    I’ve been a Katy perry fan from the start, but by far my favorite song is part of me. When I first heard it, it was when I was struggling with a family saturated in domestic violence, mum had left for a psychiatric hospital, I was thrown out of home by my dad and was struggling with depression. For months it was my anthem to become better. I went back to school, got professional help, and tried my hardest to get mum out of hospital, and helped her find a house, get a job and get her life back on track. Katy is honestly the biggest inspiration in my life, and her songs always make everything so much better and apply so much to my life 🙂

  12. Charbel Estephan

    OMG!!! California gurls <3 thats the best song ever made and the biggest inspitration for everyone!!! she seriously th eBEST

  13. Marianne

    “Thinking of You” is the best song and made me go back into playing guitar. “Teenage Dream” makes everyone dance even those who’s not that into KP!

  14. Monica Mae Dionio

    I love fireworks because the lyrics are meaningful in every single aspect. It helps give confidence to those who have low self esteem. This includes me, It give me a boost when needed. The music video to Fireworks was also very relevant and inspirational. I love the meaning of song and the beat just gives it extra flair.

  15. Nubhan Rosli

    I LOVE FIREWORKS by KATY PERRY because katy tells us to be Who We Are and that We are Original and cannot be replaced =)

  16. Isabella

    Part of me

    Katy is brave and strong and not afraid to try something .this song is inspirational and tells us to stay strong but remember who we are … I can’t wait to see her on screen in her story

  17. Kiki Wallace

    E.T – This innovative song is different from the bubblegum pink and gummy bears of Candyfornia. It’s futuristic, and intense, but also addicting.

  18. Andrzej Adamus

    Firework – i am in this video! I spend 5 days whit Katy and i realy miss her!

    that was the best memories of my life.

    please give me a chance to be at the premiere of Katy Movie

  19. Zaitun Hussein

    Firework. Every time I’m going through something tough or feel crap, I listen to this song and it reminds me (and millions of her fans around the world) to stay strong and that it really does get better.

  20. Megan Sinclair

    teenage dream and california gurls, because they are such quirky song and shows off Katy’s wacky sense of humor and fun side (:

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