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Research project to improve international students’ overseas experience

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Wed Aug 08 2012

International Student Online Survey, Moreland City Council

INTERNATIONAL students living, working or studying in or around central and northern Melbourne are invited to take part in a research project concerning the experiences and wellbeing of international students in the City of Moreland.  

Moreland City Council and RMIT University’s Globalism Research Centre are conducting a research project concerning the experiences and wellbeing of international students, and are inviting participants to take part in a short online survey.

Participants should be international students aged 18 or over, living, working or studying in or around central and northern Melbourne.

The project has RMIT ethics clearance and approval from Moreland City Council, and will require students to answer questions online relating to their experience overseas, including basic demographic information, and information about their housing, employment and general wellbeing.

Suburbs that form the City of Moreland. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The survey also seeks to assess students’ level of access to and satisfaction with local government services, facilities and initiatives, and their levels of social inclusion and community participation.

Funded by the Moreland City Council, the research will form the first step towards improving awareness, accessibility and quality of services available to international students in the municipality of Moreland. A report including recommendations of strategies to improve the general wellbeing and social inclusion of international students will be provided to the council on completion of the project.

Students who take part in the survey also stand the chance to win free movie tickets or a $30 Coles gift voucher.

The closing date for the survey is August 14. Follow the link to take part in the survey and for detailed information about the project. Or visit the Moreland International Student Project Facebook page