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Meld’s Halloween Guide: Gruesome Foods

Meld Magazine

Tue Oct 30 2012

brain jello

WHAT better way to celebrate Halloween than with foods that will make your squirm? Joanne Hui Ling Koh has the recipes.

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. It is, after all, the only time of the year when it is acceptable to look like a dying diseased cat, a member of the metal band Slipknot or a delirious corpse bride.

But Halloween isn’t just about dressing up. Creative partygoers everywhere are going that extra mile to celebrate all that is eerie and horrifying with an equally ghoulish menu.

From cat litter cake (complete with pieces of chocolate that looks like cat faeces), eyeball soup to Jell-O brains, the mere sight of these creations will make your skin crawl, we share our favourite grotesque Halloween recipes… just don’t look at them with a full stomach.

Brain Jelly
Get the recipe at

Kitty Litter Cake
Get the recipe at Squidoo

Chocolate Witches’ Fingers
Get the recipe at Canadian Living

Mozzarella eyeballs
Get the recipe at Squidoo

Skull cakes
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