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THE boys of JinnyBoyTV and Marianne Tan, the star of their short, Unfold, are coming to Melbourne – and we’re giving away two double passes for you to get to know them Up Close & Personal!

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Are you a fan of Malaysian filmmaking duo JinnyBoyTV? Have you had their clip “Unfold” playing on repeat – just so you can watch Marianne over and over again? Been practicing your Psy impersonation in front of the mirror so you can dance-off with Reuben Kang? Or maybe you tune into Hitz.fm online all the way in Melbourne just so you can listen to DJ Jin Lim announce your favourite song?

Well good news – these guys are here in Melbourne  filming the sequel to their popular short, Unfold, and to get to know their fans here in Victoria – Up Close & Personal. They may also be giving fans a sneak peak of their upcoming projects. Meld Magazine and Soulmanna Live are  proud to be hosting the event and we’re even more excited to be giving away two double passes to the show next Friday, October 26!

To win, simply put yourselves in JinnyBoyTV’s shoes for a moment and tell us what YOU think Unfold 2 should be about in the comments section below by the end of Wednesday, October 24.

And guess what? The boys themselves will be picking the best two entries!

So comment away – and remember to leave your real name and contact details so we can get in touch. The competition is only open to those living, studying or working in Victoria.

The lucky winners will be notified on Thursday, October 25.

If you miss out on the free tickets, don’t worry, you can buy tickets to the event here.

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  1. jessica

    Unfold 2 should be about discovering love and friendship. We are often scared of getting together with a best friend because of the risk of losing the friendship.
    There is a saying, ” you never know if you never try” . The best relationships starts out when two people learn to love each other as close friends, because when it love blossoms, it is magical.
    Unfold 2 is about taking risks and having no regrets. It will be about unconditional love between two people. The self- sacrificing love between a man and a woman wanting only what is best for each other. Even if it means sometimes letting go.
    Unfold 2 will be about a journey, a journey towards the unknown, a journey about trust, love, risk . It is about unfolding the mysteries of life and at the end of the day, having no regrets.

    Unfold 2 – Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow

  2. Kershia Tan

    Unfold 2 should revolve around the themes of friendship, love and trials.

    Often the people who are closest around us often go unnoticed and taken for granted. Too often that obvious displayed emotions are looked past. But, because the close friendship bonds, that are already formed, are just too precious to break, one avoids taking the chance to be together with the potential “the one”.

    The best friends struggled to contain their emotions and often hit bumpy roads along the way and perhaps, up to the point of losing their better half. Lots of questions were left unanswered, more questions come up, confusion piles up and frustration builds up within. Just because neither one dares to speak out from their heart.

    To give the ending a twist and perhaps, a taste of reality, the best friends did not get together and that will be the one thing which will always remain in them for their rest of their lives. Perhaps, respectively, they went off with a different partner, but that question will always be left unanswered.

    Life’s about taking chances. Even the simplest things require one to take on risks in order to make it happen. The same goes for love; if you’ve met someone, take that leap of faith. If it does not work out, at least you know that you’ve tried and there will be no regrets or “what if” questions. If you really care and love for that person, every risk is worth the take.

  3. Christopher Ngu

    Hi guys! So what I was thinking was that in the sequel, you can switch the roles between Marianne and Ethan. So Marianne finds a guy she starts to like (NOOOOO) while on the other hand Ethan starts to realise his feelings for Marianne. So it becomes a sort of competition between Ethan and the new guy. This is where you can put in some of the Jin and Reuben humour whereby you can have the guys constantly getting Marianne gifts. But the new guy keeps outdoing Ethan (cause Ethan tries to be sentimental and make home-made gifts, but the new guy just gets really expensive stuff instead). And then here’s where it breaks down. Marianne goes to a party with the new guy, and while at the party she leaves to go to the toilet. But when she comes back she finds him flirting with another girl and takes her silent leave. Marianne is heartbroken, distressed, frustrated – she’s not feeling too good. She’s sitting on a park bench just staring into space thinking about all the ‘What ifs’ then Ethan sits down next to her holding a book and two cups from Chatime – his favourite roasted milk tea with extra pearls, less ice, less sugar, and her Passionfruit QQ. As he sets down his book, she sees his bookmark – a folded crane (not the same one she had, cause she still has it), then all the memories of them come flooding back to her and she breaks down crying into his arms. Ethan’s stunned at first but eventually embraces her. Then the camera pans into a focused shot of the two Chatime cups and the folded crane. (Then of course they dance Gangnam Style after)

    Sorry for the long message, and I know it’s a bit cheesy. But sometimes cheesy is good! 😀 regardless of whether you guys choose to entertain my idea or not, I just want to congratulate your team on all the work you’ve done so far and all you’ve accomplished. You make us all proud to be Malaysians. #BOLEH

    Thanks guys. Take care

  4. kim

    The most poignant films are those that don’t end conventionally.

    Unfold 2 can be about looking back. Fast forward to when both are married – but not to each other. It can be about the two reminiscing about their friendship. There are hints of them being unsatisfied with their marriages – that their spouses aren’t as emotionally available as they’d like them to be. The story proceeds to reveal that both were very much in love back then but neither wanted to ruin the friendship, neither wanted to take the plunge.

    There’s the tone of regret and realisation that they actually are very much in love. But they realise that this love can’t be romantic, and that ultimately their faithfulness to their spouses stand unto death.

    I think there are thousands of best friends in love with each other but are too afraid to take the plunge. Maybe creating a film that depicts it when it is ‘too late’ will put things into perspective for some and get them thinking… 🙂

  5. Bernard Sam

    Personally, I think the story of Unfold wrapped up very nicely! The ending left us hopeful, believing that the characters would end up together and live happily ever after. But life’s never clear.

    That said, the sequel should build upon the lighthearted, genuine and realistic aspects that made first so popular.

    Unfold explored the challenging arena of romance between Anne and Daniel. In Unfold 2, I’d like to see increased follow-through on their romance and relationship together. It should be set a few years from Unfold, allowing their romance together to grow and develop. It would be interesting to see how they interact with one another given the time for both struggles and happiness.

    For the romantic connection to feel real and tangible, it needs to be explored throughout the storyline, not just in the moments where the two characters are in the same scene. I believe Unfold performed well in this aspect!

    Marianne’s character, Anne, clearly works. The little glimpses into her character gave the story personality, and a sequel could benefit from a tighter, more character-focused and driving plot.

    However, if Anne was the main character of the first installment, Daniel is the ideal candidate for lead duties in part two. His transformation from an oblivious and cynical boy makes him an easy character to identify with, but he has obvious flaws that viewers can get excited about (in terms of story). He has some rough edges, but the story can definitely benefit by exploring and expanding more of his character.

    With Daniel leading the way, Unfold 2 could focus on the story of students living abroad. This setup allows Melbourne to be the perfect background for their romantic endeavours. Perhaps their studies abroad parted them from one another? It would be interesting to see the dynamics in their relationship, with the subject of commitment and intimacy consistent throughout the film.

    After teasing the romance at the end of Unfold, I’m hopeful that in the process we get to see the product of their inevitable struggles and relationship (for better or worse) together. I believe people love getting invested in stories, and being able to get some sort of dividends from the next would be an absolute joy.

    Lastly, I hope JinnyBoyTV isn’t afraid to deliver a few sucker punches and break hearts before the credits roll. Anne and Daniel aren’t arbitrary characters — they’re important to one another, and thus important to the viewers. An unexpected twist is guaranteed to leave a memorable impact. 😉

  6. julie bennett

    The lengths people go to to be discovered, for friendships, for love.
    A true repersentations of what life truely is. Be honest to yourself.

  7. sonya o

    In part 2 – One of them moves abroad to study & they realise how much they miss each other. They still keep in touch – text, skype, facebook etc. Then they find their own boyfriend/girlfriend but even then they still feel empty and really miss each other. Then the one abroad moves back to the same city and their friendship goes a bit weird. They don’t end up with each other in the end (because that’s too cliche, and predictable, fairy-tale like) but eventually, between them grows a mature and trustworthy relationship between close friends – love doesn’t exist only between romantic lovers.


  8. Xing Yi

    After what happened in Unfold 1, Ethan realises that Anne has feelings for him. Still, he kept quiet about it, still thinking about what he should and could do. Now, Anne is already in Melbourne furthering her studies and Ethan has since not talked to her about this, leaving their relationships as best friends.

    However, as time goes by, Ethan feels a little lonely that now he doesn’t have Anne to talk to, and soon realises that he really does misses Anne. When Ethan finally have the chance to go to Melbourne for a family holiday, he decided that he was going to surprise Anne.

    However, when he reaches Melbourne and finds her, he sees her with another guy, sharing Boost. Then he thought about all the things he and Anne have been through before and the memories they share. So he made the effort to make all the origamis and also get her her favourite Chatime. But when he finally does get the chance to surprise her, the other guy made her the exact origamis too. Just that this time, Anne wanted Chatime instead of Boost.


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