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Meld’s Halloween Guide (Part 3): Party games

Hieu Chau

Sat Oct 27 2012

halloween games

HIEU Chau has your Halloween activities list covered – from traditional to technological, these games will liven even the undead (geddit??) at your party. 

Apple bobbing has long been a Halloween tradition and is a popular choice at Halloween parties. While the activity itself might seem a bit childish, there are ways to make things a little bit more interesting. Try writing a number on each apple that correlates to the type of drink that person must consume. Alternatively, you may even replace the apples with different drinks!

If you’re keen to kick back and drink to some frightening films, why not make a game out of it? Line up some shots (soft drink is just as fun!), grab some friends and make up some rules for your favourite horror films! Take a shot every time someone in the film dies or have a drink for every time the killer makes an appearance.

Video games might not be a staple at Halloween but there are a variety of creepy games out there that are sure to please thrill seekers looking for an alternative to the usual Halloween festivities.   From the claustrophobic atmospheres conjured by Silent Hill through to the gripping sci-fi horror of Dead Space, there’s no shortage of scares when it comes to video games.

Murder in the Dark is a classic game played during our childhood so why not take a trip down memory lane and consider it for your next Halloween party? After several drinks, expect this game to get a little chaotic. Manoeuvring around in the dark while intoxicated can either be frightening or hilarious depending on the situation.

Finally there’s the Monster Mash drinking game. The idea is relatively simple but the actual game itself can get a bit tricky (which makes it all the more fun if someone messes up!). Players in the group must continually count and for every number divisible by 3, that person must say, “Monster” instead of the actual number. Similarly, for every number divisible by 5, that person must say “Mash” while numbers divisible by both 3 and 5 mean a person must say, “Monster Mash”. Failure to say these phrases in place of the appropriate number means that person must drink.

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