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Meld’s Halloween Guide (Part 5): Deadly decorations

Meld Magazine

Sat Oct 27 2012


IT is possible to deck your house out in all things spooky without spending a fortune on new bits and bobs from the local craft store. The Entertainment team’s got you set with these decorations that can be made from everyday items.

Cotton ball spider-webs

It may be one of the most common Halloween decorations, but spider webs can definitely make any room look creepier. Grab a pack of cotton balls from the bathroom and with slightly damp fingers, pull each ball apart until it’s nearly torn in half, then turn it and pull again in the opposite direction. You’ll end up with a long, stringy fluff so lightly spray it with hairspray and mould it to drape off windowsills, staircases and doorframes.

Apple bobbing station

For something a little more quirky, an apple bobbing station can be easily set up using household items. Fill a large bucket (preferably aluminium) with water and set it up on a chair or coffee table. Add a few apples and let your guests try their luck at picking the apples up with their teeth only. Make the station look even better by using a mixture of red and green apples. We recommend Pink Ladies and Granny Smith varieties.

Black candles

No Halloween is complete without candles as they will provide enough light in a room while providing an eerie atmosphere at the same time. With a little paint or PVA glue, there are two easy ways to use candles for Halloween decorating. Paint existing candles black (be sure to wipe them down first and use acrylic paint) which will make the flames seem brighter and look much more unnerving. Or, using PVA glue, hold the bottle above a white candle and let the glue drip down the sides. When the glue dries, it will look like a medieval candle that’s been burning for years.

Milk jug ghosts

Don’t throw away used milk jugs, recycle them into ghost faces that are perfect to line the drive-way with and spook your guests, or trick-or-treaters when they arrive. Cut off the base of the jug and using a permanent marker, draw on spooky ghost faces. Place tea-lights or yellow glow sticks along the pavement and place the jug on top so when the sun goes down, the ‘ghosts’ will light up.

Black cardboard silhouettes

Possibly the easiest Halloween decoration ever, just print some outlines, or draw them yourself, of any animal, ghost, ghoul or zombie onto black cardboard, cut out and stick to windows around your house. For animals, we recommend bats, ravens, or spiders or for something a little more sinister, cut out a silhouette of a human silhouette holding a knife or mace. For an extra twist, hang bat silhouettes from fans or doorways using fishing wire.

From the Entertainment Team at Meld we hope your have a spooky one, and why not comment below and tell us what your Halloween plans are.