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Add More Raw: Making raw food irresistible

Madeleine McCarty

Tue Dec 18 2012

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IT may have never crossed your mind before, but Add More Raw will have you seriously considering a raw food diet. Madeleine McCarty found herself buzzing to try health guru Kemi Nekvapil’s recipes as soon as she watched her latest DVD.

It’s hard to sing higher praises for Add More Raw than to say I felt energised and alive just by watching it. And I imagine actually consuming the food being prepared by health food guru Kemi Nekvapil would only increase that feeling ten-fold.

The DVD begins with the charismatic Kemi welcoming us into the nutritionally-abundant raw food world. She explains that wherever we are coming from diet-wise, ‘whether we eat a lot of meat, eat no meat or have halal foods”, we can all benefit and feel the difference by adding more raw food to our diets.

And what a difference it is! Kemi is living proof, appearing to glow from the inside out.

Throughout the DVD, she takes us through how to create some of her favourite dishes, starting with the ever-popular green smoothie. There are many different variations of this smoothie, but Kemi’s version includes: a banana, oranges (with the pith on), celery and any type of green leafy vegetable. She uses spinach and silverbeet, which are recommended for beginners as they don’t have an overwhelming “green” taste.

Fresh is always best, especially when it comes to raw food dishes and how much fresher can you get than food sourced directly from your own garden? Luckily, when Kemi’s not showing us how to cook in the DVD, she’s demonstrating how to grow our own herbs in a manageable way.

To get you jumping out of bed in the morning, Kemi shares a few recipes for an energising breakfast – including for her famous Berry Breakfast and pecan porridge with date jam.

As I watched her chop, whiz and stir on-screen, I found myself drooling and my body aching to consume the nutrient dense dishes.

Kemi also shows us how to whip up some salad dishes like her Mexican Super Bowl and her version of the famous Waldorf salad. These salads, plus the fancy (but surprisingly easy to prepare) zucchini tagine with orange-scented cous cous will have you rushing out to organise a huge dinner party – just so you can show off how good and filling raw food dishes can be.

After scoffing down these dishes, she says you and your guests will be amazed you had your appetites whetted by raw food – and you won’t even be needing a burger chaser afterwards. But if you do find you want a snack, you can always cook up somes banana balls to satisfy your craving (recipe on the DVD).

Now please excuse me while I go satisfy my raw food craving with a decadent raw chocolate and coconut torte…

Kemi Nekvapi’s DVD Add More Raw is available for purchase from her website