FTW: Win double passes to see The Hobbit in IMAX 3D!

EVERY Peter Jackson film deserves the IMAX 3D experience – and his latest film, The Hobbit, is no exception. Hieu Chau tells you how you can win TWO double passes to see the small hobbits on one of the biggest screens in Melbourne.

It has been nine years since audiences left Middle-earth but this holiday season, be prepared to return to the world director Peter Jackson made famous in The Lord of the Rings.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D, planned as a prequel trilogy to Jackson’s widely revered The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will be showing in front of IMAX screens at the Melbourne Museum – a more than appropriate venue given the larger-than-life aesthetics that Jackson’s fantasy epics have always amounted towards.

The Hobbit takes place 60 years before Frodo’s journey to destroy The One Ring and tells the story of Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo Baggins (played by Martin Freeman of BBC television’s Sherlock) who also has an epic adventure of his own.

Melbourne Museum’s IMAX  is home to the third largest screen in the world and can be described as the definitive experience to catch all the latest sprawling blockbusters on the big screen.

Tickets to the IMAX screenings of The Hobbit have been selling quickly with sessions expected to sell out soon.

Luckily, Meld Magazine have two double passes to give away to lucky readers.

For everyone else, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 3D opens nationally on December 26. For more information about IMAX screenings for the film, follow the link to visit their official website.

For your chance to see the small hobbits on the BIG screen, tell us what’s the most unexpected journey you’ve been on. Leave a comment below, providing your real name and valid email address, by Monday, December 17. The competition is only open to international students in Victoria. The winner will be chosen through a random draw and notified via email.

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  1. Serena Walton

    The most unexpected journey I went on was when deciding to pick up hitch hikers ended up going to their house after the van we picked them up broke down.

  2. Chieny

    The most unexpected journey was when i decided to go on a improptu road trip with a bunch of international students from sydney, down along great ocean road which turned out to be great fun.

  3. wee min

    The most unexpected journey was when i went on a central australia trip with a group of international students.i only decided on the trip 1 week b4 and it turn out to be the best trip i have been to so far.

  4. Marcella Purnama

    The most unexpected journey? Going around Victoria in seven days, to seven different major cities! Four other friends and I went to Ballarat, Grampians, Echuca, Wangaratta, Glenrowan, Dandenong, and Mornington. We drove 1500 km, got our car battery into trouble, dodged a kangaroo, walked to the waterfalls, went to the border of Victoria and New South Wales, and made it back home still in one piece. woo-hoo! ;p

  5. Ng

    My unexpected journey was coming to Melbourne. After finishing my O levels in Malaysia, I planned that I will go to college and work like every other Malaysian citizen. But no… My mother who is in Melbourne pre booked my flight and planned everything without my consent, so that I could come to Melbourne to study. The only time I know about coming to Australia is when she called me for first time after my exams, “Hi son, I booked everything for you, you are coming to Melbourne to study.” It was a hard decision to make, but I know coming to Melbourne is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go for an adventure. (4 years in Melbourne now, and never regret a single bit)

  6. Ian Lau

    my most unexpected journey happened whilst i was trekking in Nepal and we found a “house” on top of the waterfall in the mountains and decided to walk up to enjoy the view with good company and beers, theres always beer 🙂

  7. Xing Yi

    my most unexpected journey would be when one day I received an email inviting me to go on a media pr event all the way to England, on an all-expense paid trip.

  8. Barbara Fehmel

    We were driving to the Gold Coast. my husband had a heart attack at the wheel and took us into a tree, he died and I sustained a broken neck, arm, ribs and lacerations, this was most definately the most unexpected journey.

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