FTW: The Lonely Planet Book of Everything

ALWAYS wanted to know why mobile phones aren’t allowed on planes? Wondering how the French kiss? Looking to escape quicksand? Skip Google. The Lonely Planet Book of Everything has the answer. Diane Leow fills you in. 

Okay, the book doesn’t have the answer to every question that might pop into your head – that would be rather ambitious for a 203-page volume. So, if you’re looking for a simple explanation for advanced physics or an instruction manual on life’s little quirks, look elsewhere.

But there are some useful facts in the Lonely Planet Book of Everything. You’ll find tricks to getting out of a sinking car (particularly valuable if you ever get into such an accident), camping tips (beneficial if you decide to go on a bush walk), and a guide on how to curtsy should you ever have the privilege of meeting the Queen (self explanatory).

From cover to cover, the book is a delight to behold. Author Nigel Holmes was the graphics director for Time magazine before running his own business, Explanation Graphics. This would explain the book’s visual appeal – it reads more like a step-by-step manual than a boring book of facts. It’s really easy to get through as well.

Some may ask why a travel book should be in hardcover volume, and if the point was to be able to memorise all these facts before going on a trip? Personally, I would much prefer the book if it was condensed into a mobile application. But then again, one would be hard pressed to find a mobile signal in the middle of the bush…

My verdict?

As it’s name suggests, this book is jam-packed with nuggets of information about well, everything.

It’s a great buy if you’re planning a camping trip for the first time and need to load up on good, reliable information. There’s heaps about finding a safe place to set up your tent, plus a few simple medical tips just in case you encounter any trouble in the wild.

In any case, whether you’re a first time traveller, avid adventurer, or just a daydreamer, this book of everything isn’t just about being useful. It’s filled with fun facts that make for an absorbing afternoon of reading.

We’ve got a copy the Lonely Planet Book of Everything to give away!

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The competition closes February 15 and is only open to international students in Victoria. The winner will be picked in a random draw and notified via email.

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  1. Ng

    If you are going for a short trip via plane with a bunch of friends, don’t forget to check whether are your friends checking in their luggage. I had to give away my multi tool, sun screen & deodorant to the officer because of hand carry luggage.

  2. Absharina Yofitasari

    Bring along your friends who are adventurous, daring and open-minded. It won’t be a memorable experience with people who are being negative all the time. You’re travelling to have fun.

    Get to know about the locals. Doesn’t matter if it’s the traditional culture or its most famous bands. It would add to your knowledge.

    Don’t forget to bring your iPod and set your soundtrack of the travel; so every time you listen to those particular songs, it’ll take you back to the good old memories.

    And if you find a beautiful place where there’s no one (or only a few) around, don’t just stand there and take pictures and be amazed. Run with your friends, feel the atmosphere and scream at the top of your lungs!

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