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Thai Culture and Food Festival 2013

Regina Karis

Wed Mar 13 2013

Thai Culture and Food Festival

IMMERSE yourself in the vibrant Thai culture, dig in to authentic Thai cuisine, even catch a cabaret show at this year’s Thai Culture and Food Festival. Regina Karis has the details. 

This weekend, The Thai Culture & Food Festival returns to Melbourne to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

In 2012, the festival attracted more than 64,000 visitors, making it one of the top ten Melbourne events of the year. This year it promises to be even bigger, starting from 10am until 9pm on Sunday, March 17 at Federation Square. The number of volunteers alone is up to 300 people, many of whom are international students.

Visitors gather for a day under the sun to celebrate the vibrant Thai culture. Photo: Thai Culture and Food Festival Inc

Visitors gather for a day under the sun to celebrate the vibrant Thai culture. Photo: Thai Culture and Food Festival Inc

From food, culture, entertainment, to shopping, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Particular points of interest may include the demonstration of Muay Thai, a combat martial arts style from Thailand, and a stage performance from the Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre, a world-famous theatre that practices the Thai traditional art of puppetry. There will also be performances of Thai traditional dances, numerous stalls selling a variety of exotic goods, and exhibitions showcasing contemporary Thai art, sculpture, painting and photography.

Other than that, stroll along the riverside and check out the 17 restaurants serving Thai specialty foods, or get lost in the fabulous Thai Village and experience the Thai life by learning how to dance, speak, and arrange flowers the Thai way. If the day gets too hot, the Singha Beer Garden invites you in to have a refreshing beer, relax, listen to live music, and even watch Tiffany’s Show.

Started in Pattaya, Thailand almost four decades ago, Tiffany’s Show has grown into a world-class cabaret show, exhibiting the talents of the transvestite and transgender community from the provinces of Thailand against the spectacular backdrop of sound and lighting. This festival’s Tiffany’s Show will be the one and only in Melbourne, definitely a must-see.

The Thai Cultural & Food Festival is free and will be a great chance to immerse yourself in the very best of Thai culture. For the full program and more information, visit the festival’s website or Facebook page, or call 9510 2222.