Salon Melbourne Expo is on this weekend!

WHETHER it’s knitting 10 metres of hair or painting the Union Jack on your nails, the Salon Melbourne Expo is the place to be for hair and beauty tips this weekend. 

Photo: Supplied by Salon Melbourne via Facebook

Photo: Supplied by Salon Melbourne via Facebook

With more than 200 brands featuring thousands of products along with some of the industry’s best names running education sessions and shows, Salon Melbourne is the biggest hair and beauty expo in Victoria.

It’s on this weekend, April 14 and 15, at  the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, and festival director Julia Erben promise no area of the beauty industry will be left untouched.

Intricate nail art by Miss Fox, a Melbourne based beauty parlor. Photo by Juliana Mare.

As it’s a professional event, Salon Melbourne is only open to those working or studying in the industry. But don’t despair if hair and beauty are just hobbies of yours, the inaugural Show Party on Sunday April 14 is open to everyone.

An exclusive show spearheaded by three-time Australian hairdresser of the Year, Caterina DiBiase, the Show Party is a 20-minute runway featuring bold new season hairstyles and Parisian inspired fashion.

With beautiful clothes, hair, hats, makeup and choreography, the Show Party is a glamorous glimpse into everything featured in the rest of the expo. The runaway draws from classic icons including Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor.

Ms DiBiase (left) re-invents the classic Twiggy hairstyle with a modern, long-hair twist.

Ms DiBiase (left) re-invents the classic Twiggy hairstyle with a modern, long-hair twist. Photo: Juliana Mare.

Speaking about the inspiration for the Show Party, Catherina DiBiase says her goal was to re-invent past trends into modern styles.

“It’s great seeing the whole picture. The show will be lots of fun and it’s the first time it’s being done, so I’m honoured to be doing it,” she says.

Professionals and students in the industry should download the Salon Melbourne app to organise a schedule for the jam-packed two day expo.

From eyebrow shaping, hair braiding and makeup artistry to the science of skincare, hair colour methodology and commercial cutting skills, attendees are spoilt for choice.

Billed as a highlight, 2012 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo will be running three shows at this year’s expo: International Hair Trends with Joey Scandizzo, Breaking the Cutting Rules with Joey, Frank & Damien and Local Heroes.

Hairstyles by Lorna Evans, Caterina DiBiase and Frank Apostolopoulos

Hairstyles by Lorna Evans, Caterina DiBiase and Frank Apostolopoulos. Photo: Juliana Mare

Mr Scandizzo says Salon Melbourne is a great platform for the next generation of hair and beauty stylists.

The International Hair Trends show is a good example of this as it will feature hairstyles from across the world, created by him and his salon team.

“Our salon show is very important to me because it’s all our younger guys getting up there. Some of these guys are just so talented so they deserve the chance to show off their skills,” Mr Scandizzo says.

Register for Salon Melbourne here. Some seminars cost extra, so be sure to browse through the event schedule and plan your visit on the app.

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  1. Terry

    Don’t bother, she is rude, arrogant and your money is better spent on a macdonalds happy meal. I went in for a $400 colour- further was informed at the commencement that worse case would cost $458……..and at the end was passed a bill at $599 bill… when I addressed this, the KAT came out and I was informed “Well dear, we just don’t know these things, we needed to do more on your hair etc” – errrr like the guarantee didn’t come out of my MOUTH….(mind you I walked out GINGER when I asked for Jennifer Aniston colour -or there abouts) – I am currently wearing a hat out of embarrassment! So when reviewed the bill was reduced to $498 and I was told I HAD to PAY thats the way it was….. So Caterina, I pose this to you…. you go in to get a clean and polish on your teeth and they hand you a $500 bill clearly hundreds of dollars above what YOU were expecting…..and you are informed ‘well dear, we found a great big gapping hole and JUST had to fix it” so now YOU have to pay……. Heading out Fitzroy – Caterina DiBiase GIVE IT a BIG FAT MISS! Thanks – $498 for ginger friking hair… I could have got the same at Hairhouse Warehouse!

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