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Founder’s Dozen: This time, YOU get to interview the employer!

Jessica-Anne Lyons

Fri May 03 2013

Founders Dozen

ASKING your potential employer the right questions is as important as knowing how to answer them. Students now have the opportunity to sit down for a meal with Melbourne’s CEOs and ask them the questions. Jessica-Anne Lyons has the details.

Founders Dozen

Confusing resumes, cover letter formats and interview preparation can make preparing for job interviews really challenging.

It’s hard to know how to give yourself the best chance to get the gig, so if job interviews have ever stumped you, would you like the chance to stump your interviewer instead? and sPurpo have collaborated to form “The Founder’s Dozen”, a simple new way for job-hunters to impress potential employers.

The Founder’s Dozen is a monthly dinner where university students and graduates are given the opportunity to sit down for a meal with one of Melbourne’s up and coming CEOs and ask them the questions.

Students however, will have to pay their own way, and split the cost to “feed the CEO”.

Jay Sonn Tay, co-creator of the Founder’s Dozen and CEO of sPurpo says being able to ask the right questions is much more impressive to an employer.

He says it reveals the candidate has done their research on the company, can identify potential gaps in its services and has the skills to improve the company’s business model – all very attractive qualities to an employer.

The Founder’s Dozen aims to give students and graduates insight into innovative businesses; present potential employment, internship and work experience opportunities; gain knowledge about creative thinking; the chance to network with industry experts and to learn about the skills required to start a business.

So you want to join in?

All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up onto and you’ll receive a monthly link to submit up to three questions to one of Melbourne’s game changing CEOs.
  2. Of the applicants, 12 students will be selected to attend the Founder’s Dozen dinner based on the creativity of their questions.
  3. These students will have the valuable opportunity to network with and directly ask the CEO their questions over dinner.

This month’s Founder’s Dozen dinner on May 16 features Eyal Halamish, the CEO of the award-winning

Born in Chicago, Mr Halamish founded as a democratic media platform to allow two-way communication between the public and the Australian government.

Applications close on May 10, so quickly get your questions ready and ask away at