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What we’ve been up to – Meld Photo Walk!

Meld Magazine

Fri Jul 19 2013


THEY’RE usually the people behind the camera, but this time, we put them in the spotlight instead! 

It’s been a fun past week for us folks at Meld as our photographers got together for a photo walk around the city. The challenge? To take two sets of photographs – one with the camera complete with bells and whistles, and the other with the humble smartphone camera.

We’ll be showcasing their individual works in the days and weeks to come, which we hope will inspire you to discover the city for yourself through different lenses, angles and perspectives. And, as our photographers discovered, you don’t need expensive equipment to take beautiful photos.

But for now, here’s a glimpse of what took place on the day. Photo credits to the team’s ring leader Shaun Lee. By the way, some of the following photos were taken with an iPhone, can you spot which?

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