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FTW: Tickets to Outside the Box

Phoebe Yuen

Mon Aug 12 2013


A NEW theatre production exploring the ins and outs of homelessness takes centre stage this August. Phoebe Yuen has the details on how you can win one of five double passes to the show!


The creative team behind Voices: The Carrical Project, a production based on true stories centred around five homeless men with mental challenges, have returned to bring a similar tale of homelessness in their new show, Outside the Box.

Running from August 15 to August 31, Outside the Box explores the ups and downs of people who have experienced homelessness. The production bases itself on first-hand testimonies and real life experiences from residents staying at a Hawthorn rooming house.

The title of the show is inspired by society’s prejudicial evaluation of homeless people and insinuates that audiences coming into the show ought to reconsider their notions of homelessness and become more open-minded about the issue and the people that are affected by it.

In an attempt to understand the issue of homelessness, theatre performers from the show met and spent time with homeless people to better understand why people can suddenly find themselves without a home. Part of this process can be seen in the video where select crew members involved with the production are posed with the question, “What does home mean to you?”

To tell these stories, the production features a variety of performing arts including music, drama, puppetry, multimedia and interactive installations.

This varied performance promises to show a society you may have misunderstood previously. Touching on existing housing problems and other similar issues that characterise homelessness, Outside the Box is a show that aims to provide insight into a neglected community that gets little attention from the public.

If you wish to educate yourself about the issues surrounding homelessness, Meld Magazine has five double passes to giveaway to lucky readers. To enter, simply enter the competition below! (Note: Winners may only use the pass on the Friday, August 23 session that starts at 8pm.)

Outside the Box will run at Chapel off Chapel from August 15 to August 31. Thursday – Saturday shows begin at 8pm while Sunday shows begin at 5pm. For more information, please visit the Candlelight Productions website or the Chapel off Chapel website.

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