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Take part in the Great Melbourne Race!

Meld Magazine

Thu Aug 01 2013

Great Melbourne Race

IT’S not the Amazing Race, but it certainly promises a fun-filled day for adventurous students looking to explore Melbourne’s nooks and crannies against the clock. Candice Chhoa fills you in. 


The Great Melbourne Race is nothing like the world famous reality television series the Amazing Race. There is no prize money, there is no celebrity host and there will definitely be no production crew filming a live broadcast of the race.

But what it promises is a six-hour race against the clock to experience and explore Melbourne to the beating core of her heart. It’s an opportunity to dig deep to the roots of her culture and tune in to the songs of her people.

Expect to come out of this race having created all sorts of memories in diverse parts of the city. Every participant will receive an ‘adventure template’ they can customise, and the idea is that everyone gets to take charge of their day. That said, every decision comes with obstacles to overcome, and part of the fun is seeing how fellow explorers, and maybe even a few strangers, can offer a helping hand.

The two participants that come out tops in the race will get the chance to document their adventure in Meld, so other students can partake in their journey and get to know all the good places and fun things they can do when they are in Melbourne.

All in all, the Great Melbourne Race is going to be an adrenaline inducing, physically challenging and mentally stimulating experience, and a really worthwhile way to spend the weekend.

Time passes in the blink of an eye, and most students would like to think they’ve had a chance to get to know their home away from hone by the time they’ve graduated, when the expiry of the student visa signals the end of their great Melbourne adventure.

The Great Melbourne Race will be held on Saturday August 10, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. The starting point for the race is at Arrow on Swanston, 488 Swanston St, Carlton. Registration fee is $5, with lunch included. Interested participants can sign up via eventbrite.