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3 more great reads recommended by you

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Thu Aug 29 2013


ANOTHER three reads that are so good, they’re keeping these students from doing their homework. By Yoanita Marselia. 

To be captioned by Picture Desk1. One Hundred Names

By: Cecelia Ahern

Get it for: $25 from Booktopia

Recommended by: Renata Soetrisno

Plot: Kitty Logan’s journalism career is destroyed when she wrongfully accuses a man on television, ruining his life and her own professional reputation. Shattered, Kitty goes to visit her mentor and long-time friend Constance, who is terminally ill. Before Constance dies, she asks Kitty to follow up the names in a file that contains the story she never had the opportunity to write. In learning about the other people’s stories in this file, Kitty also starts to understand her own.

The verdict: One Hundred Names is an uplifting story about  ‘never judging a book by its cover’. The characters all have their own stories to tell from different parts of their lives. I enjoyed this book so much because it reminded me of the importance of being selfless and putting others before yourself. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heart-warming story with a happy ending, despite all the obstacles faced to reach it.

before I fall

2. Before I Fall

By: Lauren Oliver

Get it for: $13 from Fishpond

Recommended by: Lauren Oliver

Plot: Samantha Kingston lives every teenage girl’s dream of being popular. She has the hottest boyfriend, the best of friends and the first pick of everything at Thomas Jefferson High. Then after a night out with friends, Sam dies in a car accident. But instead of moving into the after life, Sam wakes up on the morning of her accident to live the day over… again and again. What seems like a second chance at life becomes a race against time. Sam must figure out the mystery surrounding her death, put the pieces together and make right what she’s done wrong before she dies for good. But will she uncover everything before her time runs out?

The verdict:Before I Fall is about a girl who relives her last day alive over and over. Samantha Kingston is a self-centered ‘queen bee’  who has been given a second chance to make things right. Sam is forced to change and try to reconcile with those who she has hurt in an attempt to save herself. The story make you wonder how changing one little detail in your day can alter so much. Once you finish the book, you ca’t help but question yourself and your actions towards others, and the impact you actually have.


3. My Name Is Memory

By: Ann Brashares

Get it for: $13 from Ebay

Recommended by: Jessica-Anne Lyons

Plot: Daniel has the ability to remember past lives and recognise the souls of people he’s met. It’s called ‘The Memory’ and he’s spent lifetimes looking for Sophia’s soul. Life after life they are drawn together but are inevitably torn apart again. In the present day, Sophie is now ‘Lucy’ and Daniel is part of her high school class. He seems to ignore her, but in fact, all he thinks about – and remembers – is Lucy. He recalls the countless times they’ve come into contact and fallen in love. As Lucy uncovers Daniel’s secret to their shared past, she must understand why the mysterious force that drives them apart continues to reappear.

The verdict: I was so intrigued by the concept of My Name Is Memory. The idea that everyone’s soul is reincarnated and that a small few of people can remember their past lives is fascinating. Plus it was a lot of fun trying to follow each of the lives of the main character Daniel, each of which are very unique. One soul in particular that stands out to him is the girl he fell in love with in his first life and who he tries to find in each of his following lives. It’s a really touching narrative and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a love story with a really thought-provoking premise.

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