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The Weekender: August 30 – September 1

Elizabeth Yick

Thu Aug 29 2013

Taiwanese Festival Melbourne

INDULGE in Taiwanese cuisine, buy pre-owned designer clothing, rummage through an artists’ market or learn about the origins of humanity. Elizabeth Yick fills you in with what’s happening this weekend. 

Taiwan Festival
Sunday, September 1 (10.00am-5.00pm); Federation Square (2 Swanston St, Melbourne)

Traditional Taiwanese street food at Nanshijiao Nightmarket in Taipei. Photo: Jirka Matousek via flickr

Traditional Taiwanese street food at Nanshijiao Nightmarket in Taipei. Photo: Jirka Matousek via flickr

Come along to Federation Square this Sunday for a celebration of the unique cultural integration between Taiwan and Australia.

Hosted by the Melbourne Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Taipei Economic & Culture Office (Melbourne), the Taiwan Festival promises to be an enriching experience filled with exhibitions of culture, arts, entertainment, landscaping, as well as an insight into the commercial developments between Taiwan and Australia.

Of course, as the not-to-be-missed-part of any festival, there will be stalls of delicious Taiwanese cuisine to be served up – including those famous Taiwanese night-market street snacks!

This free public event aims to showcase the very best of Taiwan and the integration of the Taiwanese community into Melbourne. So come along and join in on this celebration of multiculturalism!

Pre-loved Designer Clothing Boutique Sale
Friday, August 30 (11am – 7pm), Saturday, August 31 (11am – 3pm); Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Basement (204-216 Lonsdale St, Melbourne)

Why trawl through op-shops and second-hand stalls when you can find clothing, accessories, handbags and shoes from designer brands such as Carla Zampatti, Calvin Klein, Scanlan and Theodore, Diane von Furstenberg, Mad Cortes, and Veronika Maine, all at the one store?

Organized by Fitted for Work – an organisation that aims to assist disadvantaged women to find work (and keep it) – the Pre-Loved Designer Clothing Boutique Sale aims to raise funds for Fitted for Work’s free services and programs.

Since 2005, Fitted for Work has helped more than 10,000 women in securing sustainable employment.

All the clothing and accessory items at the pop-up sale have been generously donated from patrons, and the prices of these designer items start from as low as $5!

So come along this weekend and bag a bargain whilst helping out a good cause! If you are unable to make it this weekend, you can also shop on Dear Gladys – a social enterprise vintage online boutique owned and operated by Fitted for Work.

Substation Artists’ Market
Sunday, September 1 (10am – 3pm); 1 Market St, Newport

Are you tired of fighting through throngs of Melbourne’s hipsters at one of those overpriced artists markets, where you end up paying exorbitant amounts of money for lack of a better word… junk?

The Substation Artists’ Market may be the answer. Established in 2009 and held on the first Sunday of every month, this indoor market showcases some of the best local and regional artists, designers and craft-makers in Melbourne. The market aims to provide shoppers with the experience of being able to directly source locally made items or genuine original art at a reasonable price.

Regularly attracting around 600 people, the Substation Artists’ Market is a bustling shopping hub. From artwork and photography to hand-made jewellery and home decorations, there is bound to be something for everyone at this market.

Aside from the shopping, free live music entertainment will also be on hand. With performances by up-and-coming local artists and bands, it is sure to make for a fun Sunday out!

“In the Beginning” – A Symposium of Science and Scriptures
Friday 30th August – Saturday 31st August; Various locations


It is the age-old question that we always come back to – “what happened in the beginning?”

Whether you are a subscriber to the Bible’s Genesis, Darwinism, or perhaps even Scientology, the questions are the same: Is there a creator? How old is our earth? How did everything come to be? Is our existence intention, miracle, or just a meaningless moment of absolute coincidence?

This weekend, the City Bible Forum and the CrossCulture Church of Christ jointly present a symposium on this topic of origins. Hear the three views of the earth’s beginning – atheist naturalism, young-earth creationism and old-earth creationism – and decide for yourself.

A free lunchtime panel discussion entitled, “What Really Happened in the Beginning?“, is for those unsure about the greater questions of existence. More information for this free event can be found at the Facebook event page.

The main conference, “In the Beginning“, is a ticketed event where respected academics with backgrounds in traditional theology, scientific evolution, and those who are experts in both fields discuss our origins. Tickets can be purchased over at the City Bible Forum website.

For more information and a detailed program of the Synopsium, visit the event’s official website or its Facebook page.