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SEXtember: Dating apps Blendr and Grindr

Vivian Tan

Fri Sep 20 2013


IDEALLY, you’d like to know more about someone before you have sex with him or her. You now can – through various smartphone applications. Vivian Tan reviews the dating apps Blendr and Grindr.



Blendr is an iPhone dating app that uses your current location to track other users for social purposes. To use Blendr, users have to create a profile on or import their Facebook profile to the app.

Users can list their interests such as entertainment, faith, music, languages and hobbies.

The app is relatively easy to use. Users can edit their profiles at any time. They can also easily upload profile pictures and update their statuses to let other users know what they’re up to. For a more detailed introduction, there is an “about me” section that users can fill in.

After a profile is created, meeting other users is simple. Users can find other users who have similar interests and are near them. They can also look at each others’ profiles to see whether they’re online and available to chat.

Blendr also allows users to check in to locations. This feature can be linked to other social media platforms or switched off in the privacy settings.

Pros: User friendly, convenient. It functions like a dating site on the go.

Cons: There will be annoying advertisements, pestering users to upgrade their Blendr apps.

Blender is available for Apple and Android, and can be downloaded from the iTunes store and Google Play. It is free, but users need to be at least 17 years old to download the application.



Like Blendr, Grindr uses GPS to locate other users. The difference? Grindr is for guys who are seeking other guys.

Grindr is very similar to Blendr in terms of functions and features. Users have to create a profile, but can list extra details such as height and weight. They can also indicate whether they’re after a friendship or romantic relationship.

Users can search for other users by their age or location. The chat feature is similar to Blendr’s.

Lastly, the app can be connected to other social media platforms like Facebook.

Pros: Grindr is straightforward and easy to use and doesn’t need users to have an email address.

Cons: Advertisements. The app needs to be refreshed constantly.

Grindr is available for Apple, Android and BlackBerry. The application can be downloaded from the iTunes storeGoogle Play, or BlackBerry World for free.

Do you use dating apps? Which ones are your favourite? Share with us below!