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Have a say: Interview with Eyal Halamish, CEO of OurSay

Vivian Tan

Fri Sep 06 2013

Interview with Eyal Halamish, CEO of OurSay

WITH 70,000 active users, OurSay is closing the gap between the public and decision makers. In this interview with Meld, CEO of OurSay, Eyal Halamish, tells of how international students can create the change they want to see.

Users of OurSay post and vote for questions they want participating politicians to address. After a certain period of time, the question with the highest votes is posed, and answered.

After launching in India recently, Mr Halamish tells us they have had many questions from Indian locals and the Indian diaspora in Australia. That is not all – Oursay is looking to expand even further with many exciting projects waiting to unhatch in countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

Have a burning question you want answered? Head over to OurSay’s website to post your questions, vote for the questions others have posed, or find out how various politicians have responded to queries.