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July’s story of the month goes to reporter Grace Yew

Meld Magazine

Sat Sep 07 2013


KUDOS to senior reporter Grace Yew who wins Meld’s story of the month for July, with her in-depth coverage of a topic that is close to every international student’s heart – tuition fees, and where it all goes. 

Top-stories-newsThis post has been late in coming, but we’d like to give a big shout out nonetheless to our senior reporter Grace Yew who takes out Meld’s story of the month for July.

For the uninitiated, in addition to serving the international  student community here in Australia, Meld is also a training organisation dedicated to providing students training and work experience in digital media as part of their early career development.

As such, we regularly reflect on the work our team has done, celebrate achievements, and encourage the pursuit of excellence as we learn from each other and allow iron to sharpen iron. Editors nominate a top story from each of their sections each month, and from these, we pick one that we think is exemplary.

News editor Sandra Qian explains why Grace ‘s story has topped our list in July:

“Most of our readers would have some idea that international students pay more than local students to study here and one tends to hear the term ‘cash cows’ a lot. Grace’s article tells us just how much, and why.

The detailed analysis we get is a reflection of the extensive research that Grace undertook to write this article. She did a great job of taking data from a large number of sources and weaving these into an informed narrative. An example of this is the cost comparison for a business course at a number of Victorian universities. Her approach was systematic and logical, which gave the article credible supporting evidence.

The article should also be noted for its handling of more complex concepts concerning fee structures. Without assuming prior knowledge, it explained these clearly, something that would certainly help to inform our readers who are considering studying locally or already doing so.”

In addition to Grace, here are our other noteworthy nominees whose work made our July list: