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SEXtember: No sex in this house!

Meld Magazine

Mon Sep 30 2013


THE “birds and the bees” can be a difficult discussion that some parents would prefer not to have with their children. We share this story of how sex was taught in a household that was opposed to it.

Sex. The word alone is sure to make some parents feel uncomfortable – the thought of having to bring it up with their children can be terrifying.

So terrifying, in fact, that some parents disregard it completely and try their best never to have that conversation.

During our SEXtember campaign, an anonymous contributor told us their story about how sex was (or rather wasn’t) taught in their household.

Inspiration for the video came from the popular “Draw My Life” internet meme.

If you have any stories about what your parents taught you about sex (or even how they didn’t!), let us know in the comment section below!