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TAG Day: You won’t fall asleep in this class!

Jordan Thompson

Tue Oct 01 2013


THEY’RE the classes you wish were taught in school. Organised by students for students, Jordan Thompson finds out why Teach Anything Good Day is an event worth attending this weekend. 


Going to class on a Saturday is a scary thought, but don’t run for the hills just yet because this is not just any ordinary class.

TAG Day (Teach Anything Good Day) is all about learning weird and interesting stuff, meeting interesting people, and putting the fun back into the classroom.

Remember when school was all about making new friends and goofing around? Well, TAG Day has been designed to bring back all those fun elements that you miss from those carefree times.

The difference is that each thirty-minute class is on a totally random-but-interesting subject, like “iPhone photography” or “How to handstand”.

Classes are taught by students and organisations with expertise and passion for their subject so there’s no need to worry about seeing stuffy, old lecturers preaching textbooks and home because there won’t be any.

The day also offers an awesome recess break with food, games and performances.

TAG Day classes kick off from 10.30am to 4.00pm and will take place at Arrow On Swanston (488 Swanston Street, Carlton, 3053) on Saturday, October 5. Tickets are $10 at the door or $8 pre-booked. To see what classes are avalable and to sign up for first choice privileges, head on over to the TAG Day website for more information