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Heartfelt Christmas Gift Ideas

Hui Jun Ng

Thu Dec 12 2013


CHRISTMAS gifts for friends and family don’t have to cost the earth. Hui Jun Ng finds inspiration online for five meaningful gift ideas that will deliver your heartfelt gratitude in a thoughtful, but affordable way.

Good things come in small packages and it’s the thought that counts, so skip the big name brands and shopping centres this Christmas.

With a little bit of creativity and enough forward planning you can give your family and friends presents that will warm their heart, not break your budget. After all, who said shop-bought was better than handmade?

1. Bake a cake

Baking for the people you love is always a brilliant idea.

Rolling up your sleeves and spending the day measuring and whisking to produce a delicious cake is always more heartwarming than simply buying a cake.

Sydney baking blog Raspberri Cupcake has an amazing Christmas cake recipe. It’s a red velvet cake with snowman macarons on top. It’s not the easiest cake to make, but if you master it, you’re sure to impress your family.

Then again, even if you don’t manage to perfect it, your family will understand you tried and appreciate the effort.

2. Create exclusive scarves

Printed scarves are trending, but if you buy them at the store they’ll burn a hole in your pocket.

So instead get some inspiration from Singapore handmade craft blog Hej juni and hand make this year’s Christmas gifts. Hej juni teaches you how to create your personalised scarf from a t-shirt! Just follow her step-by-step guide, but tweak the painting parts to create a pattern of your choice.

Imagine having a scarf so unique that it’s exclusive to your family members! Your parents and siblings are sure to love such a special customized gift.

Get the instructions here.

3. Personalized mugs

Gorgeous kitchenware usually comes with a hefty price tag. But why buy Wedgewood, when you can make a personalized mug that reflects your family’s style and interests?

American DIY blog A Beautiful Mess successfully transforms plain boring porcelain dishes into attention grabbing table settings. The options are limitless as you’re free to draw whatever designs you want. You could even make a different design each Christmas and create a family tradition!

Get the instructions here.

4. Charity wristbands


Photo courtesy of Band4Hope

Not-for-profit UK organization Band4Hope has integrated trendiness and charity into one wearable accessory – the ethically handmade wristband.

Buyers and receivers are encouraged to give the band away after a period of time to promote further awareness for Band4Hope. It’s the gift that just keeps giving. Each band has an identification code so you go online to trace the impact the band has made. Sales of the bands will help families in Zimbabwe and other less advantaged communities.

Click here to purchase.

5. Homemade coupons

Creative blogger BubbyandBean‘s DIY photo coupons make online groupon vouchers pale in comparison. If you have nothing to give your family but your presence, you could create coupons such as “10 free dish washes”, “5 car washes” or other things your family might be grateful for.

Click here for the tutorial on making these coupons.

Do you have any other thoughtful gifts ideas? Share with us below!