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Summer beauty review part 4: Hair and nails

Carene Chong

Fri Dec 20 2013

vixen hair chalks

IN her last beauty review, Carene Chong shows you how to add the finishing touches to your summer makeover with these unique nail and hair products

Vixen Hair Graffiti Hair Chalk in Pastel, $11.95

DIY fans will love this product as you can create any look under the sun without the hefty salon price tag.

There are 12 shades in this collection with gorgeous vibrant colours including rose red, panna cotta (yellow), carnival blue, butterfly violet and vintage turquoise.

The chalk can be fiddly and messy to apply so watch out it doesn’t stain your clothes, sink and floor. The chalk also breaks easily which adds to the complexity of application.

Apply the chalk to your hair with plastic disposable gloves to avoid getting rainbow fingers after your creative session.

Depending on your hair colour, it can take quite a few strokes to apply. My hair is brownish black and it took me heaps of strokes to get the colour looking right. I would imagine people with lighter hair would have an easier time getting the chalks to work in their favour.

Once the colour is on however the result is really beautiful and vibrant.

Whether it be streaks or a DIY dip dye for a great night out, you can have heaps of fun experimenting with the plethora of colours included in the set.

But once you apply this product to your hair, avoid rain and water at all costs as the colour runs easily when it comes in contact with moisture.

Vixen Hair Graffiti Hair Chalk in Pastel is available from

Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil, $24.99

Organix Argaon Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

Photo: Carene Chong

I’ll admit I’m not one who diligently looks after my tresses. Having bleached and dyed my hair multiple times over the past year and straightened it on a frequent basis, I am on the verge of frying my hair to a crisp.

Therefore, only extra penetrating and strong hair products like the Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil could fix my locks until they regain their health.

According to Organix, this product contains a powerful blend of oils to provide the hair with essential nutrients like vitamin E and antioxidants to heal and restore luster to damaged hair.

And it did wonders for me. This is somewhat of a miracle liquid in a bottle, just a few drops restored shine and smoothness to my hair.

Applying it before heat treating the hair also helps protect it from damage.

On a bad hair day when frizz takes over, this is a great product to help smooth your locks and also the frown on your face.

Organix’s Extra Penetrating Argan Oil of Morocco is sold at most major pharmacies and supermarkets.

Kiss Nail Dress, $7

kiss nail dress 2 looks review

Photo: Carene Chong

I change my nail colour/design at least once a fortnight so I’m always on the lookout for new nail products. Having seen all kinds of nail wrap designs on the market, none really tickled my fancy until now.

This two look nail wrap gives you the choice to go French or full. The design I picked is called Eyelet and is a 3D design with colour ribbons and gem-like details.

I decided to go French with this one. You get both looks on one strip so all you have to do is find a strip that fits each nail, snip off the other end, and file nails to rid of excess strip.

I have tried other nail wraps before and I found this one easier to apply. With other brands, I tend to get a bumpy finish but with Kiss Nail Dress I managed to get a relatively smooth application.

The design is really unique and fetched me quite a few compliments.

However, my advice is to NOT apply top coat onto the wraps once you’re finished as it tends to make the wraps gritty. I stopped applying top coat to my nails when I found out what it does, but the wraps did last me a good fortnight without it.

Overall, this is a stellar product that I would definitely recommend to beauty aficionados everywhere.

Kiss Nail Dress 2 Look Nail Wraps are available from Priceline.