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Summer beauty reviews part 2: Eco-friendly products

Carene Chong

Fri Dec 06 2013


CARENE Chong puts more beauty products through their pacesto help you get ready for summer days at the beach. This week, she’s seeking silky smooth and healthy skin. 

Beauty 101: It’s the base that counts. To get that perfect look this summer, you need to start from the bottom by taking care of your skin.

Once you’ve got clean and smooth skin and lips, you only need a hint of makeup and you’re ready for a day at the beach or a lunch with friends.

With that in mind, I’ve reviewed three new products that have added benefits: they’re all eco-friendly and aren’t tested on animals, because looking beautiful shouldn’t hurt others.

Cleanse with Benefits Lemon Meringue Pie soap, $12

cleanse with benefits lemon meringue pie toasted coconut lip butter

Cleanse With Benefits’Lemon Meringue Pie soap and Toasted Coconut Lip Butter. Photo: Carene Chong

Are you hungry yet? I sure am. Cleanse with Benefits specialises in handmade bath products with delicious names that entice the mind.

The Lemon Meringue Pie soap sure looks like a slice of pie with its yellow, brown and white layers. However, the soap smells nothing like it – it just has a gentle soapy scent.

I haven’t used a proper bar of soap since forever. I have always been a liquid soap person, but the squeaky clean sensation it leaves on my skin after my shower sure feels very pleasant.

Toasted Coconut Lip Butter, $7.50

Intrigued by Cleanse with Benefits, I also decided to try their Toasted Coconut Lip Butter, which reminds me of tropical holidays and pina coladas with its strong coconut scent. The product itself contains flecks of actual toasted coconut in it.

It comes in a small metal container, which requires you to apply the product with your finger.

It did a pretty good job with keeping my lips moisturized and soft all day. It’s not oily or sticky either, which is a definite plus.

All Cleanse with Benefits products are available from Nookoad.

EcoTools Bamboo five piece makeup brush set, $26

Environmentally-friendly makeup is abundant in the market, but eco-friendly tools are not as mainstream.

This EcoTools brush set contains four travel-sized brushes: a mineral powder brush, an eyeshadow brush, a kabuki brush and a concealer brush, as well as a pouch.

The tools are all made from environmentally friendly and ethical material such as bamboo, recycled aluminum and cruelty-free taklon bristles.

The first thing I noticed about these brushes is how soft the bristles are. The brushes did a great job in applying products evenly across the specific areas of my face without any unwanted streaks. Best of all, the brushes didn’t leave any unwanted bristles behind on the face which happens if brush quality is sub-par.

In a nutshell, this is a great product to have and can really come in handy when you travel.

The EcoTools five piece travel size makeup brush set is available at