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Lupita and Nadia win September’s story of the month

Meld Magazine

Mon Dec 16 2013

Lupita Djody

Well done Lupita and Nadia! 

September’s always an interesting month for us folks at Meld since most of our stories revolve around the topic of sex, for good reason. As such, the winner, or should we say winners, for SEXtember’s story of the month goes to Lupita Djody and Nadia J. Hassan for their creative story-telling inspired by the “Draw My Life” internet meme.

Special mention to entertainment editor Hieu Chau for helping them develop the concept.

You can watch the video below:

Other top stories for September:


News: Igniting young minds: 2013 ASEAN-Australian Youth Forum
Reporter: Nkandu Chipale Mwenge

  • Pageviews: 174
  • Facebook Likes: 18
  • Tweets: 1
  • Average time on article: 04:08

Editor Sandra Qian’s comments:

Meld’s reporters are often called on to do double duty when undertaking live-coverage, and Nkandu really rose to the occasion for his story on the 2013 ASEAN Australian Youth Forum. The story gives our readers good insight into the nature and mood of the conference, with a well written article and choice photography. Nkandu, who comes from a background of feature writing, has made huge progress in news reporting this year and this piece showcases his versatility and ability to deliver under pressure. Given that he was very busy with other commitments at the time, his decision to put away a day for the conference showed both dedication and professionalism.
Sextember-SOTM-lifestyle--no-sex-no-problemLifestyle: No sex! No problem!
Reporter: Jordan Thompson

  • Pageviews: 112
  • Facebook Likes: 0
  • Tweets: 0
  • Average time on article: 01:47

Editor Elisa Scarton’s comments:

While I didn’t personally edit this story, it was filed in the Lifestyle section and it was a real eye opener for me and I just had to nominate it.

It’s such a rare experience, hearing from an asexual young person and finding they have the courage to talk about their sexuality so candidly. I thought this story had everything Sextember was about. It was open, non-prejudiced and it encouraged our readers to become more comfortable with the whole topic of sex.

I thought the reporter covered it beautifully. His interview was probing, but not insensitive and he really brought the best out of the interview subject.

Heterosexuality is something most internationally students can’t talk about openly, let alone bisexuality, homosexuality or asexuality, so I thought this was a really poignant piece and one that I hope our readers read and appreciated.


Entertainment: Blue is the Warmest Colour
Reporter: Elizabeth Yick

  • Pageviews: 361
  • Facebook Likes: 19
  • Tweets: 1
  • Average time on article: 02:35

Editor Hieu Chau’s comments:

Among the many great pieces that came out from SEXtember, Elizabeth’s piece on cinema’s portrayal of sex and sexuality got my attention. A recent and topical discussion, Liz crafted a well presented and well informed feature that condensed the surrounding discourse on the representation of sex in film. It was a very well written piece with minimal editing work involved and proved to be a very interesting read in itself.


Tech: Facebook discloses users’ information to governments: What does this mean for you?
Reporter: Regina Karis

  • Pagevuews: 88
  • Facebook Likes: 5
  • Tweets: 3
  • Average time on site: 02:02

Editor-in-chief Karen Poh’s comments:

Facebook is such a big part of most young people’s lives, and Regina’s story touches on a very relevant topic – that of privacy in the digital age. When writing for a hyperlocal audience, the question we always ask is, “What’s the local angle?” In this regard, Regina has done well to extract interesting information, such as the number of requests to Facebook for information from governments of countries our readers come from, including India, Malaysia and Singapore. Lastly, the article goes beyond reporting findings, offering possible solutions for readers.