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Kish & Evie: Combining forces for creation

Rachel Furolo

Fri Jan 17 2014

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EX-INTERNATIONAL students and founders of the handmade scarf company Kish & Evie, Karishma and Vivek chat to Rachel Furolo about mixing business with charity. 

It’s a story of transatlantic love between two people – brought together by study.

Karishma, or Kish as her friends call her, spent much of her childhood travelling to and from her home country, Fiji, and her adopted country, New Zealand, before coming to Melbourne in 2006 to pursue her Masters.

Vivek took a chance leaving home in India to venture to Australia on a student visa in 2005 and didn’t have any plans to stay until he met Kish.

The pair fell in love and wanted to produce something that reflected both of them. With this, Kish & Evie was born.

Drawing on their marketing, design and fabric background, the pair produce a range of beautifully crafted scarves for guys and girls. All the designs are inspired from memories and styles taken from the couple’s respective home countries, as well as their travels around the globe.

But what separates Kish & Evie from other fashion brands is a dedication to giving back to the community and helping those in need.

Both Kish and Vivek coming from families with a strong belief in the importance of education as a tool to bettering yourself and improving your situation.

Inspired by the dedication of their parents to give them a proper education, the couple felt duty bound to help other children realise their dreams, whatever they may be.

“As much as I love the art of handmade and craftsmanship, I feel it should be a choice, not a compulsion. If you’re born into a family of craftsmen and you want to create change in your life, education is your best tool,” Kish says.

With this sense of importance Kish & Evie donate 10 per cent of profits to funding the education of less fortunate children. So far, they’ve managed to support 24 students.

I feel like education transforms a society. And more so, it transforms a life.”

For Kish & Evie, the future is bright, looking to expand into a larger market both nationally and internationally. The company also hopes to be able to fund more children’s education all over the world.

You can look beautiful and do your bit for charity by picking up a Kish & Evie scarf online or in select designer boutiques. For more check out their website.