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Natures Beauty Bag Review

Rachel Furolo

Tue Feb 11 2014

Natures Beauty Bag

WE got our hands on the Australian-made, organic and cruelty-free Natures Beauty Bag. Rachel Furolo couldn’t wait to dive in and test run all the gorgeous products. 

Natures Beauty Bag supplies a pick and mix of great products that you get delivered every second month. Photo: Rachel Furolo

Natures Beauty Bag supplies a pick and mix of great products that you get delivered every second month. Photo: Rachel Furolo

Natures Beauty Bag works a bit like a magazine subscription. You can choose to receive a bag full of fantastic new beauty products every two months, or if you are commitment shy you can buy just one bag without subscribing. All products inside the beauty bag are organic and cruelty free, so every delivery is like a lolly bag filled with eco-friendly surprises.

We reviewed the November 2013 beauty bag and this is what we thought:

Product 1: Absolutely gorgeous hand and body lotion

Being the extremist I am, I lobbed a handful of the Absolutely Gorgeous lotion onto my hands and soon realized it was faaaar too much. On second application I applied only a tiny dollop and rubbed it in, realising it’s the kind of cream that requires only a minimal amount for the desired effect. Any more than a 10-cent sized piece is too much and will leave hands feeling sticky and unpleasant.

I’m not a big lavender fan, but teaming it with mandarin was a match made in heaven.

Would I use it again?  Yes

Product 2: Absolutely gorgeous lip balm

What got me straight away about this lip balm was its beautiful scent of coconut and lime. It’s completely organic and I could tell the difference. My lips responded really well to only a small amount. The only comment I would make is that it would be better as a chap stick as I don’t like using my finger to apply lip balm.

Would I use it again? In chap stick form- Yes.

Product 3: Rubifresh Cleansing Oil

Using a cleansing oil to get rid of oil sounds strange, but it worked. Photo: Rachel Furolo

Using a cleansing oil to get rid of oil sounds strange, but it worked. Photo: Rachel Furolo.

I’m generally pretty skeptical about trying new face care products, but I was pleasantly surprised with Rubifresh. The cleanser rid my skin of the oils and grit and left it feeling silky smooth and fresh. It was without a doubt my favorite product in the Natures beauty bag. Top marks for originality and effectiveness!

Would I use it again? Definitely!

Product 4: Maeve Minerals Vitality Face Serum:

Applying this after my gorgeous Rubifresh cleanser, I really hoped it wouldn’t make my skin greasy. As anticipated, the serum did leave my skin feeling oily and undid the great work of the cleanser.

Would I use it again? While it may agree with other skin types, the last thing I want to do is put more oil onto my oily skin, so unfortunately, I wouldn’t.

Product 5: Cherry brown lipstick:

I’m pretty picky when it comes to lipstick colours, but I loved this hot pink shade by Cherry Brown. The matte finish on this vibrant lip colour wasn’t over the top, but was subtly confident and lovely with olive skin tones. Being an all-natural mineral lipstick, the feel wasn’t as smooth on the lips, but with a couple of applications it was just as effective as other brands.

Would I use it again? Absolutely for a night out.

Product 6: Morlife Greens Rush Bar:

It was a nice touch to see an energy bar among all the cosmetics. I really enjoyed the mint-choc flavour and looking at the ingredients on the back, I realized exactly why it was so tasty. Organic barley grass juice, carrot, apple, lime, pineapple, broccoli and chia seeds are just a few of the amazing components that makes this bar guilt-free.

Would I use it again? For an energy boost and a pick me up, I’d down another one of these in a second.

Product 7: Furlesse Elevens:

I was curious to see if this product would actually have an impact on my skin. It’s a clear patch you place between your eyes and overnight it’s meant to reduce fine lines. I did feel a little silly wearing it, but I was stunned to see the results. I might only be 21 with few wrinkles, but I did genuinely feel as if the patch had made a difference.

Would I use it again? Maybe in a few years time when I really need it.

All in all the products in Natures Beauty Bag are a wonderful alternative to mainstream cosmetics. I think it would be a great gift idea or treat for yourself!

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