Heston Blumenthal to open award-winning restaurant The Fat Duck in Melbourne

FOODIES celebrate! Heston Blumenthal is bringing his award-winning restaurant, The Fat Duck, to Crown Towers in Southbank. Diane Leow has the details.

Melburnians and students alike have long enjoyed Melbourne’s diverse dining scene from its cafes to its exciting restaurants.

Soon there will be one more place to add to the dining wishlist. Acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal has announced the unprecedented move of his Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck to Melbourne for six months in February 2015, while the restaurant’s original home just outside of London undergoes a major refurbishment.

The Fat Duck will be making its home at the Crown Complex. Melburnians will be treated to the full Michelin-star experience as Blumenthal will be bringing the entire Fat Duck team with him to recreate the multi-sensory dining experience he’s known for.

After the six months are up, the restaurant will be renamed Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and headed by a different team of chefs.

Heston first visited Australia in 2003.

“I fell in love with the country immediately,” he said.

“From that very first moment, the idea took root – someday I wanted to have a restaurant here. The restaurant scene is fantastic, the diversity exciting, and the produce incredible, but better than all of that, the people are just great fun. I love how Australian people celebrate good food; there is such a love of everything from coffee shops to gourmet restaurants and everything in between.”

In addition to its Michelin stars, The Fat Duck has also made the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for nine years. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is currently number 7 on the list.

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  1. Vickie Cooper

    The fact that you are bringing your restaurant to Melbourne is a dream come true. But the big question is, do we have to be rich, famous, or well connected to get in to it? I have worked in the hospitality industry for 40 years, have also had a love/hate relationship with food, Very pleased to say I now just love food, the taste, texture, the whys and wherefores, always sticking my nose in, just to ask questions. How far ahead do I need to book, to tick a major thing off my bucket list. Do I even stand a chance, getting into The Fat Duck???

  2. Ben

    That is amazing news. I am a chef and am ecstatic to hear that one of my mentors is coming to melbourne. Our dream as silly as it sounds is that We have a bucket list of restaurants that We want to dine in, yes we want to eat our way through Europe and Fat Duck is #1. That has been put on the back burner as my wife was injured and cant travel long distances. My concern is how do I book, will I get a chance to get a table?
    I eat, breathe, work hospitality.
    It is not just a career it is my life. my hobbie is to dine at restaurants. Expensive hobbie I know. hope we get a chance to go to this one!
    Can’t wait
    Congratulations to Heston and his team.

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