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The Weekender: March 7 – 9

Sarah Khazaal

Thu Mar 06 2014


LABOUR Day weekend is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the working day, than by not working! Enjoy the Moomba Festival, trying out new restaurant Le Bon Ton, circling the Brunswick Music Festival and all it has to offer or even indulge in the Summer Arts Long Weekend spectacle. Sarah Khazaal has you covered this long weekend.

Moomba Festival
Friday, March 7 – Monday, March 10 (Alexandra Gardens, between Princess Bridge and Swan St Bridge)

A Melbourne mainstay, Moomba Festival has always been dedicated to the wider community and this year, it is celebrating its 60 year anniversary – so you know it is going to be one of the biggest in the festival’s history! Organisers have promised a jam packed program that will span over the four days.

The festival will kick off with water sporting events at 11.00am on Friday and will carry out a range of events and things to do and see such as the usual carnival rides, a riverside cinema, music and dancing workshops and even a silent disco.

The carnival and workshops will take place mostly during the day while the night time events will consist of live music as well as a spectacle of fireworks which will fire at 9.30pm, every night of the festival.

The full program can be found on the Moomba Festival Website.

Le Bon Ton
Fridays (5.00pm – 6.00am), Saturday & Sunday (12.00pm – 6.00am); 51 Gipps St, Collingwood

Image via Le Bon Ton's official Facebook page.

New Orleans food is all the rage right now, evidenced by Le Bon Ton’s cuisine. Image via Le Bon Ton’s official Facebook page.

It has been an ambition of Melbourne city for years to embrace the food cultures of different countries, and in recent years this has become even more prominent. Cross-breed restaurants are becoming a thing of the future with offerings of food, drinks and live entertainment making these new establishments a refreshing experience to the people of Melbourne.

This is where the brothers behind Le Bon Ton have seemed to acquire their inspiration. The last food wave that passed our shores was the Mexican Wave and the brothers have made a start on something new – the New Orleans wave.

The brothers have modelled what used to be an old glass house into a trendy venue that celebrates the food, drink and music of the New Orleans culture.

With ridiculously late opening hours, it’s a place to go even when you’re simply searching for that home feeling as well as a serving of traditional briskets in authentic barbeque sauce.

To book a table or learn more about the restaurant, visit their official website. Alternatively, you can visit Le Bon Ton’s Facebook page.

Brunswick Music Festival
Sunday, March 2 – Sunday, March 16;  (Various locations within the City of Moreland)

Image via Brunswick Music Festival's official website.

Great music and great times ahead this weekend at Brunswick Music Festival. Image via Brunswick Music Festival’s official website.

Now running in its 26th year, the Brunswick Music Festival is already in full swing as it kicked off last Sunday night with the iconic Sydney Road Street Party. But just because the party is over, doesn’t mean the music should stop!

The festival is dedicated to showcasing some of the most original and unsung musical acts that Australia, and abroad have to offer.

There are many acts to see across various venues, from Mongolian folk bands to the best harmonica player around. The City of Moreland, as part of the festival, will also be holding a free concert titled Music for the People which will close the festival.

For further information, including ticketing and programming, visit the official website of the Brunswick Music Festival

Summer Arts Long Weekend
Friday, March 7 – Monday, March 10 (Various times); Hellenic Museum (280 William St, Melbourne)

Image via Hellenic Museum's official website.

Understand what it means to be Greek in a modern world (and enjoy a bunch of authentic Greek food in doing so!). Image via Hellenic Museum’s official website.

The Summer Arts Long Weekend is an event that observes what it means to be Greek in a modern world by delving into its culture through food, music and performing acts.

After being played more than 300 times in 15 different countries, featured play, Socrates Now, will see its Australian premiere this long weekend.

The play will give insight to a man we’ve all been confronted with at one time or another; be it in a Philosophy class or on a Facebook quote. Debating a range of topics, the play finds a way to establish how famous Greek philosopher Socrates – and the way in which he thought – is still relevant in our current society.

In terms of lighter entertainment, there will be plenty of traditional Greek music that can be enjoyed whilst eating authentic Greek food (which you can learn how to cook yourself in the free cooking workshop that will be held on Sunday) in the sunshine that the weekend forecast is promising.

More information about the Summer Arts Long Weekend can be found at the event page on Hellenic Museum’s official website.