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Panggung Merdeka and Pandawa to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day

Sol Ahn

Mon Jul 21 2014


PPIA Victoria presents two events, Panggung Merdeka and Pandawa, to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day which aim to inspire Indonesian students studying in Australia. Sol Ahn has details.


On August 16, PPIA Victoria (Indonesian Students Association of Australia) will present Panggung Merdeka, a theatrical production to be held at the Athenaeum Theatre. The planned event is intended for Indonesian students studying in Melbourne to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day.

The show conveys the spirit of Soe Hok Gie, a Chinese-Indonesian activist campaigning against the dictatorship of President Sukarno and Suharto.

This event starts from 12.00pm through to 4.30pm which will then be followed by Pandawa that same day – the first Indonesian stand-up comedy show in Melbourne. One of the Indonesia’s best comedians, Pandji Pragiwaksono, will be there to spotlight the show.

Pandawa will also be running from 7.00pm to 10.00pm at the Melbourne City Conference Centre.

Those planning to attend both events will be able to purchase a combo ticket, thus saving money. The combo ticket for both shows will cost $18.00. If you’re just after Panggung Merdeka, the entrance fee is $5.00 while the entrance fee for just Pandawa will be $15.

If you are interested in either the Panggung Merdeka and Pandawa shows, please head to the event’s official Facebook page for more details.