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Trinity chefs: Shannon Kim’s korean pancakes

Meld Magazine

Thu Jul 03 2014


STUDENT reporters Allyson Long, Luhan Yang, and Ulan Manaloto go in search for Trinity College Foundation Studies’ top chefs to bring you their favourite dishes you can whip up at home in a flash. In the last of this three part recipe series, they bring you Shannon Kim’s Korean pancakes.

Korean student Shannon Kim came to Melbourne five months ago, and it’s the first time she has lived so far away from her family. And as we all know, food has a way of reminding us of home, and we asked Shannon to show us some of her cooking skills.

She tells us that Koreans love sharing with their friends, and she invited us into her kitchen as she whipped up her favourite dish for us, Jeon, otherwise known as Korean pancakes.

Jeon is a family staple for Korean families, and can be found nearly everywhere in Korea. There are many variations of this basic recipe, with the addition of ingredients such us seafood, vegetables and other sauces.

This is Shannon’s recipe.

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1/2 an onion
100g of leeks
1 green chilli
1 small squid
1 egg
1 1/2 cup Korean pancake mix
1 cup water


Chop up the leeks, onion, chilli, and squid, toss them into a bowl, and crack in the egg with them.

Add the pancake mix and water into the bowl, and mix with your hands!

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Photo: Ulan Manaloto

Pour half of the mixture into a frying pan for one pancake, and cook at medium heat. Make sure to flip the pancake regularly to get a nice and even brown colour.

Repeat with the remaining batter.

Plate up the pancakes, cut it up into slices and enjoy!

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