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Chai Junction presents theatre production, Open for Inspection

Daniel Driscoll

Wed Aug 20 2014


CHAI Junction is putting on a new play in Frankston as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival. Daniel Driscoll fills you in on the details.

Open for Inspection Banner

Open for Inspectiontells of the trials and often unexpected events that unfold in a share house filled with local and international students, who have advertised for one more flat mate in an already cramped and overcrowded space.

Chisholm Institute’s Atrium will play host to the show and will be converted into a student share house during the play’s season.

Written and directed by Suhasini Seelin and featuring performances from actual local and international students living in Melbourne, Open for Inspection aims to capture the essence of student life in a share house – from the confined space and often lonely experience it can accrue to the fun and drama that comes with living in a space shared by a diverse range of people.

The play promises to be an interactive experience too, as audience members are invited to share their stories and secret talents as part of the show.

On the interactive qualities of the play, director Seelin expressed, “The interactive element adds an unpredictability where the audience members get a chance to participate in the interview, share their secret talents and find out what to do – or what not to do when dealing with a student share house!”

Seelin also admitted, “a lot of our personal experience has gone into the making of this show – situations, characters and dialogue that may be either very familiar or radically different to Frankston residents.”

Having already opened at the La Mama Courthouse as part of the Platform @ La Mama season, Open for Inspection has already received a positive response and some great interaction from the audience.

Open for Inspection is approximately 70 minutes long and will be playing at Chisholm Tafe (Building A, Fletcher Rd, Frankston). The play will run on August 22,  28 and 29 at 4.00pm and August 23 & 30 at 1.00 Concession tickets are $12.00, adult tickets are $17.00 and groups of five or more need to pay $10 each.

Bookings can be made at the show’s official page on Anywhere Theatre Festival’s website.