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A day in the life of… Shadowloo Showdown competitor, Angelo

Hieu Chau

Mon Sep 15 2014


ANNUAL gaming tournament Shadowloo Showdown brought some of the best gaming fighters for a weekend of competitive action. Hieu Chau interviewed a former international student on his gaming background and his thoughts on Shadow Logic’s work in organising the weekend-long fighting game tournament.

In a late August weekend at an unassuming function hall of a hotel in the city lurked Australia’s biggest gaming tournament, Shadowloo Showdown.

The yearly event is a hallmark tournament for many competitive gamers in Melbourne’s fighting game scene who’ve spent hours of time readying their minds and their fingers for a weekend of unbridled fighting game action.

Among them is Angelo, a former international student, who competed at the fifth edition of Shadowloo Showdown this year under the name of amcam. We caught up with him to chat about his love of fighting games and the work that the Shadowloo Showdown team, Shadowlogic, put in to create the tournament as well as their commitment to ensure a fun and welcoming fighting game community in Melbourne.

The story was supported by the City of Melbourne’s Community Services Grant 2014, and is part of the ‘Day in the life of…’ project  featuring a cross-section of the diverse local Melbourne community – the extraordinary and ordinary people in the city, their lives and their jobs, and opportunities to connect.